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Gamma App – A New Medium for Presenting Ideas

What is Gamma.App?

A new platform, Gamma, combines artificial intelligence with machine learning to create polished documents, presentations, and websites in seconds.The tool makes creating engaging content easy without requiring extensive formatting and design.

Gamma App: How Does It Work?

With Gamma, users can generate working presentations, documents, or webpages in under a minute using powerful AI. With Gamma, users simply begin writing, and it creates beautiful content for them.

Gamma’s key features and functionalities include:

  • A text-to-content AI generator generates content in seconds
  • Quickly style your website with customizable templates
  • Media such as GIFs, videos, charts can be dragged and dropped into content
  • Restyling of entire documents with one click
  • Analytical tools and publishing tools
  • Collaboration is made easier with comments and reactions
  • Accessible from any device

You can also use Gamma’s extensive library of templates if you lack inspiration.

Gamma App: More information

There are many attractive presentation themes available in Gamma that can be quickly customized. Transform your deck with one click. In addition to go-to-market decks and investor reports, Gamma provides fact sheets and webinar templates.

You can add YouTube videos, TikToks, Spotify songs, and other media to Gamma presentations. Many users may not find it worth the effort to integrate with popular apps like Airtable and Figma.

Prior to adding them to your presentations, expect a lot of setup – creating/managing separate accounts for each app, paying subscription fees, and understanding how each app works.

Pricing for Gamma AI apps

  • worth 40 credits
  • A smaller AI action (rewriting, using the chatbot, etc.) is worth 10 credits

You can remove the “Made by Gamma” branding with the Plus subscription for $12/month (down to $8/month for annual subscribers). 

For free users, however, you can only create 10 slides at a time. Plus tiers only get 5,000-character prompt windows and lower-quality AI models. 

Professionals can subscribe to Gamma’s Pro tier for $25 per month ($15 a month for annual subscriptions).  In addition to unlimited AI, Pro users can view detailed analytics, upload custom fonts, and generate up to 30 slides at once. Additionally, Gamma’s AI models are available to them.

If you have a large team, be prepared for sticker shock since only paying users can co-edit decks. The only payment method accepted at Gamma is a credit card. 

Tips: Referrals who sign up for Gamma through your link will earn you 200 free credits. Reviews


  • mobile devices, and tablets, decks are responsive
  • AI for presentations works quickly
  • Alignment and formatting automated


  • Presenters have a limited number of presentation templates to choose from
  • Themes that are very basic
  • Slide elements cannot be animated
  • Slides are incompatible with Google Slides
  • It is not possible to edit offline
  • Poor internet connection can cause lag

The best AI presentation makers alternative to offers some great features, but not everyone will find it suitable Instead, try these AI presentation tools:

  1. Plus AI – Add-on for Google Slides and alternative
  2. Tome – AI presentation software with Gamma-like tools
  3. Canva Magic Design for Presentations – Create slides with AI using a graphic design app FAQs

  • Who owns Gamma app?

 This site is owned and operated by Gamma Tech, Inc. Jon Noronha, Grant Lee, and James Fox founded it in 2020.

  • Is Gamma app free? isn’t free. Credits are given to new users, but they do not refresh. Once your credits have run out, you need a paid subscription to continue using Gamma.

  • Is secure? 

Gamma’s website appears secure from what we can see. As part of Gamma’s security measures, it uses https encryption, limits access to customer information, and performs regular safety audits.

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