Stirling Group

Stirling Group is a global HSE Services company delivering consultancy, training, support and products covering preventative measures through to recovery controls. We support organisations to demonstrate competence to the regulators and maintain systems on a high state of readiness. This is to ensure the reduction of risk and proper emergency preparedness at all levels of an organisation, contributing to minimising the possibility of loss of life, environmental disaster and business interruption. We have the knowledge and skill sets to work wherever our customers have a requirement, from highly regulated countries to remote frontier locations and challenging environments. Stirling Group has over 20 years’ experience providing HSE services to the energy sector throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Stirling Group is wholly owned by Olive Group Capital Limited and together with its sister companies, Olive Group and Restrata, Stirling Group has the robust and sustainable network to provide safe, secure and effective HSE services and products throughout the world.

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