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Digital Lead Generation for Schools & Educational Institutes

Social media and Google Ads are two highly effective tools that can be used to enhance lead generation for schools and educational institutes. When it comes to attracting new students, it’s imperative that you reach parents in the most effective way. With fierce competition between schools and educational institutes, it’s important that school’s hit their target audience in a way that makes an impact. 

Social Media and Google Ads

Social media is a highly effective tool that can help you to reach your chosen audience. Through tailored campaigns, it’s possible to encourage parents to leave their contact details. With effective content and media, you can inform parents about what you are offering and how you can offer the highest level of education for their children. With a simple link to your website, they can find relevant information and you can encourage them to leave their contact details in order to receive further information. Social media provides a ready-made platform and audience, saving time and money.

Google Ads are another great way of ensuring you achieve immediate results without the need to wait for your site to work its way organically up the rankings. It’s possible to utilise paid search which will ensure that your ads are displayed at the top of a SERP and they look like organic results. This works by choosing keywords that you think a parent will use and then you create an advert that will be displayed when those keywords are used. As the ads look like genuine results, it’s likely that parents are going to trust them and will take action, enabling you to gather contact information with ease. 

There is more to this as you will need to bid against other schools or educational institutes that might want to use the same keywords. However, it is a highly effective advertising option that can generate significant results.

Retargeting Parents With Facebook Pixels

There are those parents who might have visited your website this year or last year and might have left without leaving any contact details. While they might have been and gone, there is still the potential to retarget them by using Facebook Pixels. This tool will enable you to understand their browsing behaviour on your website.

Facebook pixels will enable you to ensure that your ads are shown to the right audience. You’ll have the potential to find people who have visited a specific page or taken a desired type of action on your website. It will also allow you to take advantage of automatic bidding in order to reach those who are likely to take action such as those who have visited previously. 

This will allow you to track conversions from Facebook ads and social media campaigns, optimise ads and create targeted audiences for future campaigns while you’ll also have the potential to remarket to people who have already taken some form of action on your website. This enhanced form of targeting will ensure you create improved Facebook ads.

Target Parents Using Facebook Lookalike Audience

As a school or educational institution, you’re going to have some kind of idea who your ideal customer is. However, Facebook Lookalike Audiences will delver into your existing followers and user base to identify commonalities. It utilises vast amounts of data that is readily available to connect the dots between your target audience. This enables you to target and reach highly-qualified users you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. 

You’ll have the potential to create a lookalike audience choosing groups, visitors to your website and your existing parent lists. It’s also possible to choose your audience size as well as specific demographics, allowing you to target users who resemble your current audience. Having the ability to use parameters, you’ll have the ability to select people within a certain age range who have children of a specific age and the are they live in. It’s then possible to create an ad using text and images, ensuring you use engaging content and images that capture their attention. This will then entice current users to consider your institution or school as a possible place of study for their child. 

Lead generation is crucial and with many options available, it’s simple to connect with your target audience. There are tools available that enable you to understand more about your audience and their behaviours. With targeted ads and social media campaigns, it’s possible to generate leads that bring success.

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