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Facebook to increase the popularity of your website

Facebook to increase the popularity of your website

Are you looking to make your website more noticeable ?

Then you need to look at the places where your potential customers can be found online.Facebook is one such place with more than a million users from around the world .

How to find these potential customers on Facebook ? Facebook advertising is one such way .

By advertising on Facebook,Many businesses have found a drastic change in how their business have been notified by people around the world .

Now the question is the money to be spent on the advertising .

Why not look at it this way …  Either test all of those Facebook tricks only to end up with disappointment down the road with zero results, or spend all that money on advertising just to get that attention from facebook users ?

Here’s how facebook advertisements can help bring more attention to your blog and grown your email list .

1, Brand Exposure through targeted audience .

Facebook ads are not so highly targeted because you find all sorts of surfers looking for several different not exactly looking for particular information . Search ads have a feature of interest targeting, you can define your ideal audience by their interests, hobbies, activities, education’s, job titles and the Pages they like.

For example, if you’re selling office supplies in Dubai, you can target people based in Dubai who previously liked popular online stores that sell office supplies. You can even identify the right type of  audience based on their job titles to increase your customer count.

2. Build your own email database.

Having your own email database is a great asset ., and one of the best ways to grow your email list is through facebook advertising

All that is required is an opt-in form which you can generate through an email opt-in software

If you are just going to start advertising with facebook here after few steps you can follow.

Step 1: An email marketing software to build your email list .

It’s quite tricky to choose your marketing tool as there are many options nowadays . WebAppmeister can be one of the ways which will help you make a choice if you are confused .  It compares different apps with each other whether it is an email marketing app or Ecommerce app and helps you decide the right tool to fit your needs based on pricing, design, features, flexibility, automation, etc.

However,just the web has a lot of provided options on email marketing tools, but recommendation engine is even better as  it offers a neck to neck  comparison between various tools.

Step 2: Your blog needs to have a landing page

Many landing page plugins can be found to help you easily design a landing page on WordPress. You can also hire someone externally to do this for you .

Step 3:An ad can be created with the exact message you want to deliver in order to attract customers

3. Consistent marketing to keep your existing customers

Retaining your existing customers is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. If you created a positive experience when your customer previously engaged with your website, it’s likely you can attract them again by showing relevant ads on Facebook.

Here is how you can remarket your visitors on Facebook.

Step 1: Facebook remarketing pixels can be added to keep the drive going.

Step 2: Customized ads can be displayed to keep your customers coming back

There are many sites that post ads on the face which redirects the target to open their link or like their page .

Though this type of ad might not bring quick traffic to your website, it can help attract potential customers through your page on facebook , which can also lead to building a consistent database and ultimately loyal customers for you.


Facebook is the house for a source of customers.  When it comes to marketing you should leverage facebooks potential to bring traffic to your blog.

If your facebook reach is declining, You might want to engage in advertising . The best thing is that it helps to increase the your sites noticeability through posts on facebook , so even after you stopped advertising it can drive traffic to your blog.

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