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Feature-rich mobile app development company in Dubai. We believe in cultivating creativity by encouraging it and harnessing fresh ideas, perspectives, techniques and sources of inspiration that make us more effective problem-solvers. Our diverse range of services includes UI / UX Design, Flutter app development, iOS app development, Android app development, Native Mobile Applications for  E-Commerce stores etc.

We communicate openly and honestly, especially around thorny topics and honour diversity in opinions.

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Explore our extensive collection of case studies showcasing the remarkable impact our mobile app development Dubai agency has made on our client’s online presence.


Hisense’s Mission is to deliver an enhanced customer experience that exceeds expectations with every product they sell.

Hisense - Mobile App Development Hisense - Mobile App Development Hisense - Mobile App Development


This easy to operate App with user friendly interfaces is the perfect business gateway for those in the wedding business, including suppliers and vendors.

Reservet - Mobile App Development

E-Learning App

With the boom in online learning in the post-pandemic world, it’s only natural that e-learning apps and platforms are on the rise. We worked on one such e-learning app that features a simple yet comprehensive dashboard allowing users to navigate between different courses and modules easily. E-learning apps are also seeing rising popularity among corporates who have adopted hybrid work models. Important processes such as onboarding new employees and professional training can be conducted via this app as well.

E-Learning App - Mobile App Development E-Learning App - Mobile App Development E-Learning App - Mobile App Development

Bergen Ring Sizer

We worked with Bergen to create this ring sizer app that helps determine your ring size easily and quickly! Users can size their finger using something as handy as a coin or a card. The app works seamlessly for European sizes and is supported by iOS and Android.

Bergen Ring Sizer - Mobile App Development Bergen Ring Sizer - Mobile App Development Bergen Ring Sizer - Mobile App Development
Bergen Ring Sizer - Mobile App Development
Business Community App - Mobile App Development Business Community App - Mobile App Development Business Community App - Mobile App Development

Business Community App

This app works like a business directory where members of a particular business club can register and update their information. Being on the app makes it easy for members to promote club activities and find others who are offering a particular service. It is also possible for members to be updated on ongoing group discounts and makes for a great networking platform with like-minded professionals.

IGNIA Power Bank - Mobile App Development IGNIA Power Bank - Mobile App Development

IGNIA Power Bank

Power banks are so handy when you’re on the move, particularly if you’re out spending a day at the mall. We partnered with IGNIA to set up this unique power bank rental at kiosks in malls. Using a QR code, shoppers can rent a power bank once they scan the code. They are billed for the hours they use the power bank and can return it at the next IGNIA kiosk they find.

Misk Modesty

We created an e-commerce app for Misk Modesty integrated with their online store to give users the ease of shopping. With this smart, easy to use, user-friendly app, Misk Modesty was able to obtain real-time information about leads, customers, sales, and payments on the app. Since the app is integrated with the website, data from both app and website is used to drive better results.

Misk Modesty - Mobile App Development Misk Modesty - Mobile App Development
Misk Modesty - Mobile App Development


A community fitness app designed to promote fitness and wellness for all, Chase Fitness allows users to choose from a variety of activities based on their interests. Users can join different activity groups, take up new fitness challenges, and participate in competitions from the app to earn points and feature on the leaderboard. We also build in a feature that allows users to create their own communities and invite friends to join. The app has a clean, simple, and interactive interface.

Chase - Mobile App Development Chase - Mobile App Development Chase - Mobile App Development
Chase - Mobile App Development

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    FAQs – Mobile App Development Dubai

    How long does it take to develop a fully-functioning mobile application?

    The time taken to develop a mobile application completely depends on the complexity of your project. However on an average a simple application with less complex website can take upto 3 months, while an application with varied verticals, and functionalities can take upto 9 months to more than a year to develop.

    What are the prerequisites of a project for mobile application development?

    The prerequisites of your mobile application development project involve defining your goals and objectives, creating a concept and design, doing market research, work on the feedback of the stakeholders, and assembling the best development team.

    What are the main steps of a mobile app development project?

    Your mobile application development journey starts with your market research, then wireframing the concept, assessing its technical feasibility, prototyping that application, then designing the UI/UX, coding the application, testing it thoroughly and finally launching it in the market.

    What is the cost of developing a mobile application?

    The cost incurred in developing a mobile application entirely depends on the project scale and its complexities. Therefore as per the prevalent market standards for developing a decent application in 13-20 weeks, the cost ranges from USD100,000 to USD300,000.

    What frameworks and mobile app development languages are right for my mobile application?

    When choosing a mobile app development language and framework, you should consider factors such as technical complexity, budget, and expected end user experience. There is no bad coding language. It completely depends on your project and the development team carrying it out. Therefore few of the most popular languages among developers today are: PHP, JavaScript, Python, C++, C# and Kotlin.

    How often will I have to update my app?

    How often you update your mobile application depends on the fact that how quickly market trends and niches change in your particular industry. However it is advisable to update your application on a regular interval as frequent as 4 months so that it is always in tandem with the prevalent security standards and functionalities.

    How to find good investors for funding my app development?

    It can feel like a daunting task to find investors for your mobile app development project. However,  If you are a startup and wish to move beyond the traditional sphere of friends and family, then you can resort to crowdfunding online, or even seek funding from venture capitalists and angel investors.

    Should I get an Android or iOS app?

    Whether you should develop an Android app or an iOS one or a cross-platform one completely depends on the target market. For example, though calculatively there are more android users than iOS, but iOS users are more susceptible to pay for premium subscriptions than android users. On the other hand, developing a cross platform application will help you target both the markets.

    Should front-end or back-end be given more priority?

    Both front-end and back-end are of equal importance since one plays its role in the eye of the consumer and the other for the operation of the business respectively. Yet, the back-end is the foundation of any application and therefore usually business start building a robust back-end and then continue building an intuitive front-end around it.

    Which is the best mobile application development company for outsourcing projects too?

    Choosing the best mobile application development company involves hard and vigilante decisions like, assessing their portfolio, client references and testimonials, previous projects completed and post-launch support extended.

    Being a non-techy person and wanting to build an app, how can you help me to build the app?

    Nobody needs any certain degree to dream, aspire and innovate. Therefore even if you are a non-techy person but still have an idea that can take over the global scape, we are glad to help you materialize your idea and build your application.

    How is Native App development different from Cross-platform development?

    This is quite a popular debate in the arena of application development, yet is also straightforwardly inconclusive. So is the case because the application development itself depends on the project planning and the intended market. A native application is the one where the code base is created to work either on Android or iOS operating systems. For example, though calculatively there are more android users than iOS, but iOS users are more susceptible to pay for premium subscriptions than android users. On the other hand, developing a cross platform application will help you target both the markets.

    Should we support the tablet version for Android and the iPad version for iOS?

    Yes, if your budget allows then you can have a specialized tablet and iPad version of the app. Though you must not be wary of the fact that the more versions you want to develop for your app, the more it adds to your pocket.

    Do you have an in-house design team?

    Yes, we do have a talented pool of UI/UX designers who earnestly visualize and create what you envision.

    How can I track the progress throughout the project?

    Our team of developers, project managers, Q/A testers keep you updated at every step of the development journey so that you are aware at all times of all the development being done on your project.

    Would your team help us to set up a server for my app?

    Yes, our team does extend help in setting up a server for your application.

    Will I need to test my app?

    While our team of Q/A testers constantly test each piece being developed in your project, we also keep you updated at all times so that you too can test the progress yourself. This saves the development time, curtailing unnecessary procrastination and rework.

    What is the fee for credeveloper account on Apple and Google?

    To Create a Google developer account you need to pay a one-time fee of $25, while to create an Apple developer account, you need to pay an annual fee of $99.

    Would you take care of the submission of the app in the google play store or app store?

    Yes, we provide service for submission of applications in the app store and play store for free of cost.

    Will you provide me with the source code of the app?

    Once the project is complete, we handover the code to you, i.e you become the owner of the source code.

    Can I make changes to my app after it’s been launched?

    We suggest you to launch a simple version of your mobile app first and then make changes over time as you can’t test certain assumptions until you release the app, therefore based on that uploaded app you can use this information to decide on the priorities of future requirements. Moreover, we offer a development approach whereby we plan a certain amount of developer time each month to constantly improve things for you.

    Will the mobile app development agency assist with app store submission and deployment?

    We do assist with app store submission after the mobile app development. We prepare all the app store materials and make sure it meets the guidelines compliance and complete the due diligence process so that your app gets submitted successfully.

    How do I choose the right mobile app development service provider?

    Some factors that you must consider while choosing your mobile app development service provider is that you must assess their portfolio, that is the diversity and experience of their work. You must also evaluate their previous client testimonials and how streamlined their communication and collaboration is so that your work gets done without any confusion, delay and with assured quality.

    Why should I consider hiring mobile app development services?

    Hiring the right mobile app development services is extremely beneficial for your business as you get the expertise and experience of skilled professionals who shall render you a robust mobile application. They shall also be able to offer better customization and personalization as per the specific needs of your business with higher quality assurance and efficiency in terms of time and cost.

    How can I ensure the security of my mobile app and user data?

    To ensure the security of your mobile app and user data, you must implement secure communication protocols such as https/ssl and use data encryption, keep sound backend services and maintain regular updates.