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Element 8 is a leading SEO agency in Dubai offering fresh, innovative, and effective digital solutions that generate a high ROI. If you have reached our website in a sea of hundreds and thousands of other websites, our search engine optimization UAE must be really good!

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SEO Agency Dubai

SEO, if done right, can lead the path to marketing success and high ROI. Instead of producing results only as fancy numbers, Element 8 focuses on establishing your brand in the market by optimizing your website and incorporating customized and effective SEO strategies.

Resultantly, the clients of Element 8 have registered tremendous growth, and so have we! The credit goes to our dedicated team of SEO experts Dubai, who have developed and implemented multiple winning SEO strategies to improve web rankings for our clients.

With such an enthusiastic team of search marketing experts and top-notch search engine optimization Dubai services, we cater to multiple businesses globally across varying niches and languages.

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What We Do for SEO

"When it comes to our SEO services, our main priority is to dive deep to analyze your website and competitors. After our analysis, we move on to draft a perfect strategy to improve your website's rank by incorporating white hat SEO techniques.  As a leading SEO service provider, we consider current trends on Google, Bing algorithm updates, and even minute changes on any major search engine. Moreover, the team at Element 8 makes sure to incorporate all the latest tools and techniques along with the tried and tested methods to exceed your expectations. In short, whether you need to improve the rankings of your website or ecommerce SEO, you can rely on us. "

Top rankings
on Google

If you want to get top rankings in Google, along with adding new content to your site regularly optimize it with SEO techniques. Rank for important keywords to your business.

SEO optimized

Research your competitors, find traffic-driving keywords, build quality backlinks & repeat. Competitor analysis, keyword research, link building, rank tracking is key to be on the top of Google.

organic traffic

Optimise for your readers, not search engines. First and foremost, write your buyer personas so you know to whom you're addressing your content. Relevant content brings in quality organic traffic to your website.

Fast loading

For best user experience make your web pages load fast on all devices by choosing a performance-optimized hosting solution. Compress and optimize your images and reduce your redirects.

Team of
SEO experts

Grow your business and improve visibility with the help of SEO experts with knowledge in various industries. SEO for E-commerce, B2B, B2C, F&B, FMCG, Industrial, we cover all.


We all know Search Engine Optimization is incredibly useful for generating new leads and sales. We can help you with effective SEO services at reasonable prices.

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Detialed monthly SEO reports

We are a cut above the rest. Our skilled Python and Django developers have honed their craft over years of experience, continuous training and an aptitude for future-proof apps. Whatever your need, from start-up to global enterprise, Python and Django from Steel Kiwi are the winning choice. We can help you to develop these technologies:

On-Page Optimization

If an SEO service provider tells you on-page optimization is no big deal, just run! It is 'The Biggest Deal' because there are multiple aspects that you have to work on. From content to design, user experience (UX) to the user interface (UI), and even internal linking; everything has to be on-point. It requires expertise and a full-fledged team of an SEO agency, like Element 8.

Off-Page Optimization

The days when we got success because of the huge volumes of backlinks are gone. Every SEO expert will say you have to be careful when it comes to backlinks. Yes, link building is still a great way to up your SEO game but toxic backlinks can do more harm than good. Being an SEO specialist, we know how to help you get organic and relevant backlinks that will help you build trust and authority.

Technical SEO

Contents, design, UI, etc. optimize your website for the users but technical SEO is done so that the search engines can identify and rank your website. Element 8 is a prominent SEO company in Dubai and technical SEO has been one of the main reasons for our steady success in the market. The technical aspect of search engine optimization is rather complex and only an expert team, like ours, can smooth out all the technical glitches affecting your rankings.

Keyword Research + Website Audit

Do you know what words or phrases people search for when they need the products or services related to your offerings? Don't worry, that's our job as search engine optimization specialists! We will conduct thorough research and find out the most appropriate keywords to help improve your rankings faster. Additionally, we will check your website inside out. We will analyze every aspect of the website to offer a complete audit, with all the problems areas listed out.

Competitor Analysis + Online Market Research

To establish a successful business, you need to know what the competitors and ace players in the market are doing. This is where we come in because, being a search engine optimization expert, our Sherlock Holmes skills are second to none, specifically when it comes to competitor analysis. To top it off, we also study the whole market spectrum to observe the current trends, consumer behavior, etc. Then, we offer you the findings of our detailed research coupled with expert insights.

Local SEO

Offering hyper-local services that are confined to a specific geographical area requires you to target your audience through local SEO and Google My Business. Element 8 is the best search engine service provider where local SEO or GMB (Google My Business) is concerned. Due to our search marketing intelligence and effective research skills, we can pinpoint the crucial facets and work on them to generate high ROI. After all, you need more than simple marketing to beat the existing local competition.


+ Why is SEO more important now?

When you search for a product or service that you offer on the internet, you will find a plethora of results for that same category. How will your audience ever find your product or service if it does not even show up on the first few pages? This is where SEO can help you. It helps your website to rank among the top results so you can generate sales.

+ What is Organic Result Vs Paid Result?

When a website appears among the search engine results for a specific keyword due to the SEO efforts, it is termed as an organic result. However, when you run a PPC campaign, your website or link appears among the results for a specific keyword and if any user clicks on your link, a predetermined amount is deducted from your account. This is called a paid result.

+ When will I expect SEO results?

Search engine optimization is a time-taking process, and the time required to get the desired results depends on many factors. However, you can expect to start noticing a slow change from the first month itself.

+ Can I get SEO reports?

Yes, the team of Element 8 offers a detailed SEO report to all its clients so that they can assess their growth and get a clear picture of the ROI.

+ How is Element 8 different from other SEO companies in Dubai?

Element 8 focuses on real results that actually offer you a Return on Investment (ROI) instead of just boasting about the fancy numbers that offer no value addition in the real world. Moreover, we believe that our success is linked to yours. We will do our best to see you succeed!

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