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Social media is awesome! All the stats related to social media penetration are crazy! You can reach out to a much larger group of people to capture untapped markets, and that too, at affordable prices. However, the question is: "How?"

There are multiple platforms and just uploading photos is not good enough anymore, especially for Instagram marketing. Then, what should you do? This is where Element 8, the best social media marketing agency Dubai, comes in! There has to be a reason that leading businesses in Dubai prefer us for social media advertising.

Experience the true potential of social media marketing through our comphrensive service that include:

  • Channel specific social media services
  • Goal oriented campaigns
  • Online Branding
  • Reputation Management
  • Profile Creation
  • Social Media Calendars
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Social Media Marketing Company Dubai

Element 8, the creative social media marketing company in Dubai is known for its innovative ideas and data-driven approaches. We combine creative content with ad tech data to increase ROI and meet corporate goals. We use all of our areas of expertise for the advantage of our clients and focus on data-driven initiatives with an emphasis on quick and long-lasting results. Our teams use their creativity, design, data insights, and smart methods to create engaging campaigns and content for clients. By collaborating with the top digital marketing agency, you can enhance your brand's visibility and attract more customers.

For any client, their brand remains at the center of every process. Therefore, our first priority is to understand your brand and core values. We dig deep and ask several questions during our brand immersion process. These questions help us get a clear understanding of your brand and expectations, and from there, we begin the upward journey of your brand!

Our next step is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market, your targeted audience, and the current trends relevant to your industry. Then, our social media experts collaboratively build a strategy that aligns well with your brand and goals.

The secret sauce of our strategy is to create calendars that are designed for specific campaigns. Our team curates highly targeted content for each platform. Be it text, images, videos, podcasts, hashtags, live streams, quizzes, memes, or anything else; we can deliver it all.

Social Media Agency Dubai

You need the right social media strategy to effectively build a community while raising awareness, driving traffic, and converting leads. Element 8 is particularly known to deliver social experiences that are 100% relevant for your targeted audience. After all, engagement and conversions happen only if your brand resonates well with your audience.

We are a reliable social media agency Dubai because we believe in delivering results, not only in numbers but also as high ROI. Moreover, we associate your success with ours and therefore we make sure to exceed expectations, yours as well as ours!

We have been in the industry for long enough to know that trends change quickly. We customize our SMM Dubai Marketing strategies in keeping with the trends while incorporating the latest tools and techniques to help you beat the competition, always!

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What We Do?

The reason that Element 8 is the first choice for social media marketing services in Dubai is that our team builds effective strategies that are customized for your brand and goals. Then, we act on them by curating highly targeted calendars and content for each social platform including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Our SMM Dubai experts plan the perfect calendars that are customized to meet specific goals, while also providing for special events and campaigns. On top of that, be it lead generation campaigns, paid marketing, or anything else, you can rely on us. After all, we are the best social media agency Dubai.

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Our team consistently pushes relevant content so your brand always remains in the feed of your prospects. This simple social media strategy along with a lot of research and other tactics goes a long way to build brand recognition.

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We have a dedicated team of creative writers and graphic designers who come up with ideas and content so amazing that even we get surprised. Not to mention, the audience loves it and engagement and social media followers come automatically.

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The increased customer engagement coupled with the smart tactics and continuous efforts of the team, specifically aimed at improving brand loyalty, generate results that often exceed the expectations of the clients.

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With the most modern tools and updated techniques, our team always comes up with effective social media ad campaigns to drive conversions. When put to action, these strategies result in a higher conversion rate. Always!

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With all these benefits, you also get assurance of increased inbound traffic. Our social media marketing team always makes it a point to include some clever tactics to increase the inbound traffic on your social media handle and website.

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If you are thinking that our services will be on the pricier side, let us assure you that you will not get more cost-effective Social Media Management in Dubai Services anywhere in the UAE. Just book a call with us and let us surprise you.

A perfect blend of organic and paid promotion
Detailed monthly SMM reports

Winning social media strategies have one underlying aspect in common. It's "relevance"! It is only if the audience finds your content relevant enough to engage that your social media goals are met. Other metrics, though crucial, come later.

Outstanding Expertise.
Unrivalled Skills.
Great Results.

If you wish to get a glimpse of how amazing our social media marketing services in Dubai are, just click on the brands we have helped and you will find us as the obvious choice. Be it Goal-oriented campaigns, campaign success rate, Online branding, reputation management, profile creation, maintenance, or anything else; we have outperformed while delivering a high ROI. To top it off, you can avail the same results even in multiple languages.

We, at Element 8, understand that each social media platform caters to a specific type of audience. While Instagram is mostly for the modern and online generation, LinkedIn caters to a professional audience, YouTube serves as a trainer or entertainer, but Facebook caters to a wider audience that could be engaged through specific targeting. You can run lead generation campaigns or utilize the benefits of paid marketing on all these platforms but the strategy should always be different. This is where you need nothing but the best social media advertising in Dubai agency.

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FAQs - Social Media Marketing Services

+ Why do I need social media for my business?

Just imagine that you have to market your brand throughout the UAE. Now, consider the total cost if you decide to do it through hoardings, print advertising, etc. Also, keep in mind that a large chunk of the population would remain untouched through these methods of marketing.However, if you choose social media, you will cover a much larger population at less than 5% of the total cost. The reason is simple, every individual uses one social media platform or the other.

+ What is online reputation management in digital marketing?

In the virtual world, you need to build a reputation for your brand to make your brand more reliable in the eyes of your targeted audience. For this, digital marketing companies offer an online reputation management service, under which they monitor your digital presence and make necessary modifications to change how audiences perceive your brand.

+ What are the most popular social media in UAE?

The most popular social media platforms in the UAE are:
Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - LinkedIn - Twitter

+ How soon shall I expect to see results?

The parameters of result vary greatly depending on the objective you have in mind, therefore if you define results as followers and engagement, usually our clients notice an increase in followers and engagement within the first 30 days. We strive that the results then continue to increase each month. We recommend our clients to try this service for at least 6-12 months to see a noticeable impact on conversion rate. This is because the main focus of our social media management service is to develop your brand’s followers, engagement, and word-of-mouth.

+ Do I have to provide you with content?

No, you do not have to provide us with content. However, if you do have content, we are happy to use it. Our social media specialist develop unique content that fits your brand well. We have access to stock photography, simple design software, as well as relevant news sources to develop content to engage your audience.

+ What social media platforms should I be on?

The social media platform you handle depends entirely on the nature of your business, since your brand and target audience decides the platforms we choose. The most popular social media platform chosen by businesses today is Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram. On the other hand, the number one platform for professional networking is LinkedIn. Meanwhile you can also practice posting content simultaneously on different platforms that lets you target different types of customers. Get in touch with us to know more about which platform suits you best.

+ How can I measure my success rate in social media?

There are numerous aspects of assessing the success rate of your social media - like followers, sign-ups, etc. We also use analytics tools to provide detailed insights like impressions, reach, purchases, clicks, traffic, and more. You can monitor these reports to track your social media performance.

+ How long does it take to show results?

You can expect a noticeable increase in leads and followers within the first 30 days Furthermore, we vouch for immediate results like greater brand awareness, increased word-of- mouth popularity, and increased brand loyalty.

+ How can a social media agency in Dubai help my business?

A social media marketing agency manages a business’s social media, that is to say that they plan, create, and share content using tools and techniques that save you time and result in more returns. Thus an agency will focus on reaching your audience in Dubai and beyond, building connections with them, and showcasing the best of your brand in Dubai.

+ How will social media advertising benefit my business?

Social media advertising offers businesses highly effective ways of reaching their audiences with precise targeting, in addition to being flexible, affordable, and dynamic. It is one of the best avenues for advertising online, since it helps you grow your online community to generate traffic and closing deals.

+ Why Element 8 for your best social media marketing agency in Dubai?

If your customers use social media, it doesn’t matter what business you run,! Our expertise lies in our ability to understand your business type, and study your audience and competition, before creating a custom strategy to drive traffic and sales to your business.

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