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How Much Will It Cost to Develop a Bayut Property Listing App?

Do you want to make the next big property listing application? And that is why you are here to test the unchartered territory by analyzing the cost of developing an application as big as Bayut. Don’t worry, we have got you. Let’s get you started to make an informed decision for Bayut property listing app development in the UAE.


In the vigorously evolving market, property listing applications like Bayut have become extremely useful. Bayut property is the beacon of innovation in real estate technology, popular for its vast, extensive database and user-friendly features. But how much did it take for Bayut to become such a pioneer?

What are the Core Features of a Property Listing Application?

An extensive-scale application like Bayut UAE offers a comprehensive range of features built to offer a seamless experience for its users, i.e. buyers, sellers, and renters. Here are the core features of such an application:

1. Property Listing: 

The property listing application consists of a wide database with search filters based on location, property type, price, and more. 

2. User Account:

The app must also have personalized accounts where people can save properties as “favorites” and receive alerts related to those properties.

3. Property Details:

The app also consists of high-quality images with detailed descriptions of the property and virtual tours like 360° views or virtual walk-throughs. 

4. Agent Finder: 

The app must also have a feature through which users can search for real estate agents based on their experience, preference, budget range, area proximity, and reviews.

5. Neighborhood Guides:

The property listing app must also consist of information on local amenities such as malls, schools, and transport facilities. 

6. Mortgage Calculator:

The application must also consist of a tool to calculate the monthly mortgage payment. 

7. Market Trends:

The property listing app also must consist of real-time data on the prices of the property and market conditions.

What are the Factors that Determine the Development Cost of a Property Listing Application?

Following are the factors that determine the cost of developing a property listing application such as Bayut properties.

Choice of Platform:

You need to decide which platform you wish to make your application for, i.e. iOS, Android, or Web, which shall increase the development cost. 

Complexity of the Design:

If you decide to customize the UI/UX design as per the needs of the users it will increase the cost for branding and designing the user interface. 

Set of Features:

If you decide to incorporate more complex features against basic features such as virtual tours and AI integrations. 

Technology Stack:

You have to decide the choice of technology for the front-end and back-end framework of the application.

Team of Developers:

Next, you have to decide on the cost of onboarding developers, designers, QA testers, and project managers for the project.

Location of the Team of Developers:

The development cost is significantly influenced by the graphic location of the team of developers, due to the labor cost.

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How Much Does an App like Bayut UAE Cost?

The cost of developing a real estate application in Dubai, such as Bayut, is contingent upon the following:

Cost of Designing:

As per the complexities of the project, the cost of designing will be estimated at around USD 5,000 to USD 15,000. 

Cost of Development:

As per the complexities of the project, the cost of development will be estimated at around USD 30,000 to USD 70,000.

Cost of Testing & QA

As per the demand of the application, to ensure the functionality and performance of the application, it will be estimated at around USD 5,000 to USD 15,000.

Cost of Maintenance & Updation:

The ongoing cost of updation and fixing bugs will be estimated at around USD 5,000 to USD 15,000.

Hence, the cost of developing an application like Bayut, considering its complexity and features, will be cumulatively around USD 50,000 to USD 150,000 or more. 

What will be the Hidden Cost of Developing an App like Bayut?

While developing a property listing application like Bayut, the following hidden costs might arise:

  1. Third-party Integrations: for example, the cost of integrating services like Google Maps. 
  2. Compliance & Security: cost incurred in documentation, legalization, and compliance with data privacy and other regulations. 
  3. Marketing & Launch of the App: cost incurred in marketing and other launch activities in the initial phase. 

How Can You Optimize the Cost of Developing an App like Bayut properties?

The following are methods for optimizing the overall cost of developing a property application such as Bayut:

  1. The MVP Approach: Test the waters of the market with a Minimum Viable Product. 
  2. Outsourcing: For cost efficiency, consider choosing remote development teams. 

Using Pre-Built Solutions: Try using templates and third-party services that will help you save time and money.


Developing an application like Bayut property needs adept planning and a significant amount of investment. Analyzing the key features, cost factors, and hidden expenses shall help you create the blueprint for your property list app’s success. From the initial development cost to the ongoing maintenance cost and cost for updation, this in-depth analysis will help your application stay ahead of the competition. 

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