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Best Web Application Development in Dubai, UAE

Web Application Development involves creating software applications, such as websites and web-based programs, that are hosted over the Internet. At our web application development Dubai company, We aim to deliver high-quality and cutting-edge solutions to our clients, helping them achieve their objectives and expand their businesses. As experts in web application development, we are dedicated to providing the best service possible.

For successful web application development in Dubai UAE, you can trust our team of skilled professionals. We have experience building and deploying applications that meet the standards of scalability, cloud migration, reliability, and more. We are committed to creating custom software platforms that efficiently address all your needs. Our web application development approach prioritizes user experience and swift query responses for optimal performance throughout the project.

App architecture for today, designed for tomorrow:

  • Secure
  • Customizable UX and UI
  • User management
  • Built-in access control
  • Versioned API changes
  • Multi-libraries
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Admin panels made simple

With Django we deliver a built-in admin application. Say goodbye to wasting time and effort creating your own, but rest assured that we can customize it for your specific needs. We make app admin work for you, reflecting your business and your needs.

Secure User management    Customizable UX    and UI

Your app, ready to go

We know that time is of the essence. Wasted time is wasted opportunity. That’s why we work efficiently and with expertise to succeed with rapid development, without sacrificing quality. With our Python and Django knowledge, we cut development times, getting your custom web application to market in the fastest possible time.

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Python pushes Java, C++ and PHP out of the race. With less code, and the Django web framework putting power into the starting blocks, Python enables us to develop your web app in the least possible time.

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With clean, consistent and extendable coding, in line with the PEP 8 Style Guide for Python and our own high standards, you can be sure of outstanding design. Make things easier for the future, even when we’re not in the picture anymore.

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We know the importance of being found and being seen. Every element of our coding practice is designed to elevate SEO; maximizing your potential to find and attract the right traffic. From page load speed to crawl-able HTML structures, we’ve got SEO covered.

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Django bolts the doors and takes up the role of bodyguard. But this is only as successful as the developers who use it skillfully. We identify and eliminate vulnerabilities, using OWASP best practice, and an unrelenting commitment to secure development.

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We care about your future. When it comes to growth, you need your app to be able to grow with you. That’s why scalability is factored into everything we do, and built into every element of the app’s architecture. It’s why we use Python’s Django, and why we use it well.

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Nothing stays the same, and certainly not in tech. By developing web apps based on Python and Django, you’ll be ready to flex in the future. Being able to choose between SPA and non-SPA architecture, you’ll always have the optimal choice in your hand.

Outstanding Expertise.
Unrivalled Knowledge. Exceptional Skill.

We are a cut above the rest in web application development Dubai, UAE. Our skilled Python and Django web application developers in Dubai UAE have honed their craft over years of experience, continuous training and an aptitude for future-proof apps. Whatever your need, from start-up to global enterprise, Python and Django from Steel Kiwi are the winning choice. We can help you to develop these technologies:

Prototypes and MVPs

Get a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) up and functioning quickly using Python and Django. We can slash your time to market, whilst also cutting the costs of web development. Within just a short window of time, you can see how your web application will look and work.

Custom web applications

Make your mark and stand out from the crowd with custom web applications. It’s fast, without confining you to standardization. Infamous apps such as YouTube, PayPal and eBay are developed with Django. You can be that distinct too.

Workflow automation

Save time, create efficiencies and make life simpler by using Django to manage workflows across your organization. Experienced in building workflow automation for a range of clients, such as facilitating doctor-patient communications, we know how to make short work of repetitive tasks.

Chatbots and virtual agents

Python is ideal for AI chatbots using both text and voice. Experts in Natural Language Processing (NLU), our engineers work to deliver chatbots and virtual agents that excel in your context, and handle user enquiries with professionalism, ease and confidence.

Data mining and analysis

Cutting through the mountains of raw data, we bring sense. Our broad range of expertise includes data collection, data segmentation, and building predictive models. We dive deep into the data to uncover patterns and relationships that give you the insight needed to exploit your competitive edge.

Test automation

It matters that your app truly works, always. We use a range of Python-based tools, such as Selenium, to perform API testing, Behavior Driven Development (BDD), and browser testing. We make sure every element in the flow of your application is considered, tested and refined.

Outstanding Expertise. Unrivalled Knowledge. Exceptional Skill.

We are committed to delivering outstanding success in web application development Dubai, rooted in exceptional expertise, knowledge and experience. We’re ready to answer your questions about your project, and ready to deliver the web application you really need.

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FAQs - Web Application Development Services

How to decide upon the best web application development company ?

A bad web application development company is one which performs poor quality design and coding, offers clients wrong E-commerce solutions, fails deadlines, and estimates costly projects . A good web application development company is the one which offers you an array of verticals like template based development as well as custom website development, performs ceaseless coding, great UI/UX outcome and is feasible. And yes such a development company does exist!

What is the scope of a web application development project?

The scope of a web application development project generally involves how specifically you meet the goals of your website and meet the needs of your users through the development and ideation of two aspects: content and functionality.

What technology are we using to develop a web application and why?

For better user experience, good performance and rapid feature development, we use Next JS for front end. and Python Django for backend system development which is independent and a complete set in itself from from an ORM to a web server, needing no other external solution. This enables us to use various databases and switch them accordingly, with further compatibility with DevOps which is the blend of cultural philosophies, tools, and practices that increases an organization’s ability to deliver services and applications ceaselessly at high speed.

Is the source code handed over after the completion of a project?

Yes, we handover the source code after the completion of the project, so that you have complete authority over the operations and functions of your website. However we have your back in the post development phase as well.

Is warranty or technical support provided post PROJECT launch?

Yes, we do provide warranty or technical support post project launch, giving you ample time to acclimate with the functioning of your website.

Do I need to make an upfront payment?

Yes, we do claim for a partial payment in advance to start developing the project.

How many members will work on each website project, and what are their roles?

At E8, our team is dynamic and diligent with their diverse roles. The team comprises a band of experienced developers, UI/UX designers, project managers and Q/A testers etc.

How to ensure robust security of an application?

To ensure that your application carries robust security, you must keep 4 things in mind primarily: keeping a examine potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks at an early stage; identifying assets which are of critical importance; diligent VAPT; coding the application keeping security in the loop from the very beginning.