Is Lorem Ipsum Slaughtering Your Designs ?

“Content is king” you’ve apparently heard it many times, in fact. This is because there is an exceptional chunk of truth behind it. The copy, images, video and other various content are the reason that your visitors are both going to and staying on your site. Design should be the extra layer, therefore computing to the experience that helps visitors locate wanted information. The exact second you make the choice to house Lorem Ipsum in your layouts, you have done a tremendous injustice to your design, content, website and users.

The conspicuous and Usual Suspects

  1. Lorem Ipsum has disturbed the clients from design mock-ups for decades, directing them to pump countless questions on why their site if filled with an unknown, foreign language.
  2. It has frequently created turbulence between the designer, developer and the copywriter or content provider.
  3. It even gets nudged live sometimes without anyone observing.


Just Another Visual Element

When you are designing with Lorem Ipsum, you decline the emphasis of the copy by threatening it to the same level as any other visual element. The text commonly becomes another supporting role, serving to make other visible feature more artistic. Instead of your design appreciating the meaning of the content, your content is boosting your design.


Tailored to Fit?

The individual composing the copy then gets edged down a hazardous path; they start to draft admitting to what has been placed with Lorem Ipsum in the design. They calmly go on for chapters on things that could freely be compressed into a single sentence. Content could be joined that naturally doesn’t need to be there.


Putting the Right Foot Forward

In a perfect situation, you would be occupied with a content professional from the very beginning. This doesn’t happen practically as much as it should. Rather, the client is writing the copy for the website and it gets delivered to you just before launch.

It’s time to reverse that thinking; you should be gathering and examining the content even before the initiating of the design.

Still having problems? Compost your own copy. Earnestly, do it. This way when it comes to settling both the copy and the interaction, the copywriter will have an understanding of the mark you were trying to make.


The Title

The title is a bit intense and was written to capture your attention. Lorem Ipsum will not kill your site design. What it does is it takes away some of the ability to provide the best possible solution for your design problem. You can of course still create great, spectacular designs with lorem ipsum but it takes away resources to solve your problem.


This would not be an easy change both for you and for your clients. Just because using Lorem Ipsum is accessible and it fits evenly into your current process doesn’t make it right.


Possessing Final Copy

In no way should you have nor do you need final copy. Firstly, rough drafts work. It gives the designer a plan of what needs to be conveyed. Once it is in the design or in the code doesn’t make it final. Your copy should be an active working document that is constantly changing along with your design.


Lorem Ipsum as a Tool

Lorem ipsum is more of a work around than a tool. It permits your clients to be lazy and for you to have to deal with bogus text. It’s only a tool because we HAVE to use it unlike other graphical tools like grids that embellish the design.


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