key web design considerations , while designing the website

all website projects will be designed with the goal of building the organization vision and values. We are to design the website with a style which brands organization in the industry.

The following considerations will be fulfilled while designing the website:

User Interface
Web trends keep evolving year on year. New features and technologies are being constantly introduced that make internet websites more functional, stable and smooth. It has become imperative to update these websites and keep it in line with the current trends.

A clean, creative and intuitive layout is proposed, rich in features and functionality that will ease the use of the website and help maintain a strong presence online ahead of any of its competition. The proposed layout will have added functionality that will ease day-to-day transaction and engage the target audience. The proposed  website shall play an integral part in achieving the vision and targets that the company has set forth for itself.

Mulit-Level Navigation
Great effort and care has been taken to develop a navigation system that is unique and customized for your website. User friendliness has been a key consideration during the design brainstorming session. This is can be noted in the following pages of the design mock-up.

Ease of use and moving from one page to the other need to be smooth and efficient. The website will be structured in such a way that it is easy to access any part of the website from any specific page.

Visual Appeal
The website has been designed to be very strong in its visual appeal. Images that connects with the target audience couple with strong message creates a sense of connection and builds the overall brand of the company. The corporate companying brand will be prominently highlighted.

The website will be designed to be consistent throughout. An intuitive interface coupled with a strong visual branding and user friendly navigation has all been integrate to maintain the consistency of the website.

The website will retain the look and feel across multiple platform as well as on different pages/parts of the same site.

While the parent branding will be prominently visible, the corporate companying brand will also be showcased to ensure the user feels unique when visiting the website. All major brand elements will be incorporated on the proposed website.

The use of rich and powerful reporting tools/graphs/charts that are easy to interpret will be used. The colors and style will be in line with your corporate branding guidelines.


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