Real Estate Website Design Trends for 2018

The waters in the web design industry are never calm. The tides are ever shifting while even the slightest shift in the market or a new technology may cause a tsunami, thus requiring you to revisit your website design and make changes accordingly.


Let’s see the position the industry is in now, so that you can continue to expand your digital presence while appealing to the latest needs and requirements of the online audience. Here are the current trends in web design.


Animations in web design have left a bitter taste in our mouth ever since the Adobe Flash trend slowly ended. But thanks to new technologies, we can now bring back animations to websites without affecting the website speed and loading times.


Animation plays a vital part in user engagement and user experience overall, and as such, it has come back to the world of web design on the red carpet. Why? Because it provides a perfect means for conveying sophisticated messages in a limited amount of time. Where they are commonly used? When creating animated ghost buttons.


A perfect recipe for a new-age audience with a short attention span. Beside animation, huge trends in the real estate web design are full screen video and ultra high quality custom photo backgrounds, simplified search bars and implementation of interactive Google maps.


Extensive Use of Typography


Typography is a very powerful visual tool. With the proper use of color and a carefully planned layout, typography can be used to convey powerful information and invoke emotion in the audience. It can easily help you create a personality for a website, one that reflects your brand values.


Custom fonts websites are flourishing at the moment. Thanks to the new technologies that made the screens on both desktop and mobile devices sharper and allowed them to support high resolutions, web designers are finally able to bring a plethora of custom fonts to the web portals.


With just a little bit of coding knowledge, any font can be brought to life and used on a website, even the handmade ones.


There are many things to pay attention to in web design. This is why both businesses and individuals in need of establishing a unique online presence outsource web design Dubai operations. Here at Element 8, we provide Dubai’s leading creative solutions. Our team of designers and developers specialises in real estate web design, e-commerce web design and web portals and application development Dubai services.