Useful Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks You Should Use in Web Design

We all had the same problem. A great website set up,with plenty of amazing products, and in spite of that, there are no people getting on board with it. Or, they simply come, see what it’s about and go somewhere else. This can be quite frustrating, but luckily there are solutions you can use to transform your visitors into customers. The only thing you need to do is know these practices and you will achieve excellent results.


1. Create dedicated pages for custom campaigns

The first thing you should do is write a copy of your campaign and only then can you start designing, so that you can make it visually appealing. When you create a design without having a copy you cannot give it proper meaning.

2. Sell only if you have the solution

If your message doesn’t comply with the services or products you are offering, people will simply feel tricked and walk away. The best way to reduce bounce rate is to have your message match your offer, thus improving your page time and conversion rate.

3. Use customer comments for flawless copywriting

Using the exact words of some previous customers when speaking to potential ones is one of the best tactics you have at your disposal. This is especially good when launching some new features in a certain product. Find old community posts where customers requested that feature or talked about the problems it solves and find a good quote to convey your message.

4. Make it short and clear

When constructing your emails you should look at them the same way as your landing page; one page with one purpose. Look to give just enough information to encourage a person to click your CTA. Nothing more, and nothing less. People are annoyed by long emails and they don’t want to read them.
Use these simple tips and I guarantee you will see better results. If you have any tricks up your sleeve feel free to share them.

Shihab VA

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