Dubai Web Design Trends to look out for in 2018

Every year, new web design trends emerge, while others get forgotten. This is because changes happen quickly in the digital world and websites are some of the most essential online assets that can be subjected to a lot of customization and changes.

Each year, the mainstream paradigm for web design changes and this year is no different. During 2017, new trends emerged and now they’ve become popular among many designers. If you want to keep up with these trends, then you’ve come to the right place because today, we will talk about those that are about to explode in 2018.

Working on your website every year is very important as it shows that you care about your online customers. Additionally, if you are a web designer, it is always good to keep yourself updated with the latest methods and techniques, as customers might require them. So let’s get started.


1. (Irregular) grid layouts


In order to connect all of the elements a certain web page has, designers use grid layouts as they provide their pages with a theme, making it much easier for users to find their way around the page. This approach to designing web pages has been used for a long time, however recently, the paradigm of how it is used has shifted.

A lot of CMSs, even the most popular ones such as WordPress, have a grid design as the foundation for website templates. During 2017, designers were introduced with a CSS grid which allowed designers to start using irregular grids and neutral space in order to create modern designs for their websites.

It’s possible to implement simple design styles through this type of grid and include negative space or whitespace, which will result in highlighting the right content on your pages, allowing users to find their way around very easily. These approaches are more visually appealing, and people will end up spending more time browsing.


2. Mobile still reigns


You might say that “going mobile” was a buzz word last year, and the year before that. Although this is true, it is important to talk about it once again and adjust to the changes that are happening with these devices. Having a mobile friendly design has been essential for a couple of years already and this trend isn’t going anywhere.

The number of mobile users visiting websites per year has surpassed the number of desktop users and this shows why mobile designs are becoming so important. Additionally, Google has announced that they will put in motion their “Mobile First Index” which will index mobile site versions and they will be found first in search results.

This means that mobile optimization will officially be checked by Google and that rankings will depend on it more than ever. This is why people are starting to use AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to make their pages load more quickly on mobile devices. Even with all that optimization, more traditional mobile sites are clunky, so make sure to use AMP in 2018.


3. AI and machine learning


You might think that AI is still something futuristic, something you can only see in sci-fi movies, but this technology has really exploded as its being implemented in various ways. In 2017, we’ve seen an AI bot beat professional gamers, and a wide implementation of assistants such as Siri being used by millions of people.

This is why Adobe’s Sensei promise to provide web developers with AI tools is really not a surprise. On the other hand, TheGrid has many AI web designs that they have been offering to people since 2014 and it’s expected that we will see more and more AI and machine learning web design solutions.

Additionally, we’ve already seen many AI chatbots that were used for websites in 2017 and, given the fact that audiences are reacting well to them, we can only expect more sophisticated solutions during this year; and wider adoption.


4. Fonts with bright colors and bold design styles


Fonts are ever-changing simply because they become dull after some time and they need to keep up with design trends. This means that they always have to stand out and catch people’s attention in order to be effective and deliver the message they are supposed to.

In 2018, bold fonts are going to reign as they can focus the user’s attention on a piece of content. Additionally, with whitespace implemented, users will have it easier when it comes to reading that content. By combining bright colors and bold font designs, you will be able to catch the attention of your visitors, as you will only have a couple of seconds to do this.

Additionally, we might even see a reduction in image use. They will be replaced with these kinds of fonts and colors. This is especially true for mobile devices, as pages with lots of images can take more time to open, and they could be difficult to navigate. This is why texts that have visual appeal and can convey information more efficiently are making a comeback.


5. Built-in animations


As websites are getting more sophisticated, as well as the technology behind them, designers are constantly looking to make their static mediums more dynamic and engaging for visitors. One of the technologies that is coming back includes scrolled animation triggers.

This is not anything new, but with new technologies and approaches, this method is utilized to increase engagement and give a better experience. There are also various small animations and graphics that used to engage users while a page is loading.

Additionally, designers implement small graphics that pop out when hovering over a link or a card. They could also be animations that show what that link or card is all about. This is how these small built-in animations engage users on a subconscious level, keeping them engaged longer.



There are many other trends that will certainly be present in 2018. Additionally, some new ones might appear during the year. Making web design mistakes can cost you so make sure to take this seriously.  If you think that we missed something important that could potentially become a trend in web design during 2018, feel free to share your thoughts. We are all here to learn and explore options!