Coding style – Why so Important?

Coding style or Coding fashion is how your code appear, plain and simple. Coding style is exceptionally personal and every individual has their own fancied style, mainly because of the technique they learned to code.

Sometimes, We notice that our coding style changes from one language to another accordingly. The choice that we formed in Java Script might not shift over to the CSS. For an example, we may clinch that Java Script strings should adopt double quotes where as CSS strings essentially adhere to single quotes. This isn’t surprising as we aim to relate switch when we switch from side to side amidst languages. Yet, it’s an appealing activity in self-analysis.

Coding style consists of bounteous bitty decisions positioned on the language:

  • Comments (How and When to use),
  • Tabs or spaces for indentation
  • Suitable use of white space,
  • Right naming of variables and functions,
  • Code grouping an organization,
  • Patterns to be applied,
  • Patterns to be skipped.

The peculiar character of coding style is a challenge in a team atmosphere. Many times, attempting to skip lengthy arguments, teams hold up composing style guides under the aspect of not wanting to “dispirit innovation and expression.”

Style guides are strongly recommended for development teams. Procuring every individual on the same side is difficult, and the style guide is a great place to begin. By chalking-up all of them to create codes that views the same, Lots of problems can be avoided.

Coding style guides are an integral part of writing code as a professional. Whether you’re writing JavaScript or CSS or any other language, deciding how your code should look is a vital part of overall code quality. If you do not possess a style guide for your team, Its high time you start one.