Concept Development , Our Steps to Success

The best part of design engineering comes from the concept development phase. This is where creative juices are allowed to run free and our imaginations are tapped into to create new, creative innovations for your company. If anything, this is the most dangerous stage, because who knows how much we will come up with!

At Element 8, concept development is key to your website’s success. You need something new, creative and representative to what you’re doing or selling. That is why we’re not just looking to revamp your site and make it “new” – we’re working hard to make it unique. We want to find that special balance between your company’s unique characteristics, selling your products/services and enticing your target market. Our designers understand that there are five keys to a successful concept:

  1. Functionality
  2. Cost
  3. Reliability
  4. Shape
  5. Usability

That is why we study your website, identify any flaws and work to fix them throughout the development process. The result? A fully-functional, state-of-the-art website that drives positive influences in your company.

We harness the power of brainstorming sessions. After all, brainstorming is when you allow the mind to come up with new, creative ideas on the fly. Our Element 8 creative team will sit down and develop a new list of ideas and concepts to bring to the table. We will then take those ideas to whip up a new and innovative website. We pride ourselves on our ability to think “outside-of-the-box” and we always are looking for different solutions to your company’s online presence.

Our Steps to Success

When you hire us, our concept development phase kicks off with the essentials that include:

  • Compiling a list of your needs and wants – basically what you want to get from your website.
  • Researching and analyzing the industry your business is in and how it works on the Internet.
  • Researching and analyzing your competitors to make sure your website stands out among the rest.
  • Figuring out your target market and locating ways to specifically track them.
  • Creating a web content outline.
  • Deciding what features your website needs for ultimate functionality.
  • Developing a user-friendly navigation system – even the newest internet user will figure out how to surf through your site!

Every step in our concept development process is crucial. That is why we take the time to develop a website concept thoroughly so that we can creative positive results. We want your website to stay competitive today and remain that way into the future.

If you’re ready to see the potential your business has on the internet, contact an Element 8 representative today. We can get you started with a new concept, new flow and an attractive design that turns your conversation rate upside down. Let us analyze your site and help you enhance it.


Shihab VA

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