Element 8 Introducing New Web Monitoring Service

Element 8 Offers  Free monitoring service for our clients websites , application portals and other Internet services (email server, Mobile Apps, file servers, DNS servers, mySql database,…).   as a part of our Web design & development Annual Maintenance  Contract  (AMC) and Monitoring is carried out from 6 monitoring centers across the world including Dubai. At the checking frequency of your choice, each Centre will simulate a visit to your website by an internet user and automatically detect a breakdown or malfunction of your web services. You will be getting email/ SMS alerts instantly if there is any issue with the website.

Key Highlights

  • Measure the performance of your website
  • Put your web infrastructure under high surveillance
  • Prevent breakdowns of your website or your blog

Monitoring and alerting

  • Monitoring of key Internet services
  • Performance check
  • Automatic trace route
  • Monitoring of complex web scenarios
  • Monitoring frequency of 1 minute
  • Monitoring provided 24x7x365
  • Checking the downloaded content
  • Possibility of defining maintenance periods
  • Password protected web page monitoring
  • Monitoring of web forms
  • Management of redirections
  • Alerts by email, sms, twitter, iPhone notification
  • Selection of monitoring centers
  • More regular checks in case of breakdowns
  • Counter-checking errors before sending alerts

Monitoring reports and statistics

  • Uptime of your monitored services
  • Help in identifying breakdowns
  • Analysis of the response time of your servers
  • Data export options
  • Performance reports online or via email
  • Access to performance reports through API
  • Retention of your monitoring data

Administration of your monitoring

  • Pricing based on your needs
  • Secure online management application
  • Monitoring managed from your mobile phone
  • Access to your personal data

Service and support

  • Nothing to install, nothing to develop
  • Selection of your subscription periodicity
  • Hosters-independent
  • REST API available

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