Facebook vs. Website – Can One Go Without the Other?

Let’s forget about all this for a second, and focus on another question – even if it delivers successful organic reach, is Facebook sufficient to replace a small business website?

As it seems, a website still has three major advantages – more efficient brand control, greater potential for presenting valuable info and extensive SEO control.

Even though your logo will be clearly visible on your Facebook profile picture, and your posts will remain a constant reminder of your brand, not one social media page can be customized enough to deliver a comprehensive brand experience like a website can, and the same goes for valuable information about your business.

Furthermore, as one of the crucial aspects of digital marketing, SEO control is incomparably bigger with a website, since it allows you to tailor the content and make it more searchable through Google.

With all things said, it’s quite clear that Facebook’s small business page will never be sufficient enough to replace a website. Still, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. Instead of choosing one, take the best from both worlds, and bind them together.

Shihab VA

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