How to Always Stay Ahead of the SEO Learning Curve

Things are changing, algorithms are smarter, and there are less keywords, less worry about page views, more conversations, and it’s more about simple navigation. This is all happening quickly and the changes are setting new standards about SEO, so understanding the fundamental principles of SEO will get you ahead of these industry shifts.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is all about understanding how people are speaking online, so if you want to know how users are communicating with search engines, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. For example, do they search for “internet” or “online” when referring to marketing, or are they looking for “quantitative” or “qualitative” research. Understanding their communication will give you a better idea of how they search and help you reach a wider audience. Do not worry about including keywords and avoid writing for search engines, focus your SEO strategy on great content and technology instead.

Understanding the Fundamental Factors of SEO

SEO is constantly evolving, but there are several things that are essential to the operation of search engines and those are content, links, indexation and code. Many things can fall into these categories, but if you focus on these factors, you will approach your SEO strategy in the right way. So, adjust your content in a way that your voice matches with the way your audience is searching for keywords, monitor every link that is coming to your website, understand how you can improve the indexation of your website and enhance your coding elements.


When you are redirecting your old pages, you should only worry about redirecting those that are valuable in terms of backlinks and traffic. Traffic matters because it shows how valuable users find it and backlinks matter because they are one of the signals that search engines use to rank pages. Combining these two, you will do the right thing both for users and search engines.

Social SEO Enhancing

When it comes to social SEO enhancing, you need to focus on these three things:

  • Connect your website with your social channels using tags.
  • Send a message to a prospective user by doing keyword research.
  • Share your messages on right social channels and be consistent with posting times.

Use Keyword Rankings as a Metric

Focus on several keywords that will provide you with organic traffic, then create a monthly reporting system that will measure unique visitors, organic visits and keywords from one to three, as page one keywords. If you notice that your organic traffic is getting lower, look through your content and add some new tags.

Search engines use similar factors when it comes to ranking, so you will be optimizing for every search engine, and your work will benefit every one of them. SEO is all about creating something that both users and search engines will love and understand, so you need to set up KPIs for SEO and UX to be able to understand when a UX trigger is impacting your SEO and the other way around.

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