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Latest web design trends

In the evolving web industry, trends do not last very long. Tools, concepts and techniques are constantly being introduced and creative minds are always keeping the industry fresh by developing new trends. So, what are the web design trends we must know for the year 2016 and 2017? Continue reading to find out what you will need to expect when it comes to wonderful web design.

Semi-Flat Design

After the metro style from Windows, everyone became obsessed with flat design, but eventually, this design morphed into a semi-flat design because of some pitfalls and usability issues. A semi-flat design has become a better alternative because it is so easy to use; with integrated depth and dimension, subtle shadows, well thought out transitions and cards.


Designers are providing a unique and rich experiences with the use of visual storytelling. It may be a very complex endeavor, but it can be done. One of the best examples of storytelling design is Peugeot’s Hybrid Graphic novel; it entertains the users with a scrollable interactive novel and, at the same time, teaches them something about Peugeot’s Hybrid4 technology.




Cinemagraphs are extremely powerful visuals, because they enhance the mood of the whole website and give an extra layer of elegance, wonder and mystique. They are even better than videos because they do not use too much bandwidth, and they are better than photos because they are more than a simple shot. It is not new technology, but since they are so hot right now, we will see them integrated into many websites.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading means that you can view content without waiting for the whole page to load. This type of loading is utilized on websites with feed content like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Since we are constantly being fed with new information, lazy loading can help to simplify viewing content one chunk a time. Because load speed is important for conversion rates and SEO, we will see more utilization of lazy loading in the future.

Split/Center Content

This type of content is a very powerful style and it will start to prevail on many home pages. It places the main message smack dab at the center, with smooth textures or striking visuals surrounding it to create a dramatic effect. This works brilliantly for minimal content, such as home pages. Split content divides the screen and the major benefit is that every section looks amazing without a single aesthetic tone.

These are the web design trends that you must know for the year 2016 and 2017, but we expect to see much more. The year 2016 already is an exciting year when it comes to web design, but we are looking forward to seeing all of these trends in action.

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