Rules – How To Adopt Email To Disaffect Your Users – Part 1

Spam !! What is it ? Are you spamming users without understanding it? And is there any room in the world for email marketing?

Spam is defined as “Sending the same message aimlessly to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet”

Beyond a clear rationale of fair and offensive demeanor, it becomes obvious for email marketing to turn off users, rather than score them over. Hence should we bail out on email as a marketing tool completely? Precisely not.

Email marketing “A blessing”

Rendered in a right manner, email marketing can be a brilliant tool, not just for you but for your subscribers, too.Email marketing does not all have to be about being aggressive with readers into completing a call to action (although it is very effective at that). It is also about preserving your brand in their mind so that when they do need your assistance, they will think of you and not your opponents.Email communication has the potential to be a great way to build a lasting relationship. It’s a chance for a more personal level of communication than a website usually grants. You can ask questions, boost conferences and assemble responses.


“Why Am I Getting This Email?”

If users have signed up for your services, It doesn’t mean they have accepted to receive emails from you !! This is a vital difference. As part of the sign-up process, you may have marked that you will email them, or you may have even granted a preference for them to opt out. However, if the user didn’t observe this, then you will still estrange them, despite being entirely within your rights. The email is still unsolicited in their eyes.


“I Don’t Want To Be Notified”

On the face of it, notification emails seem legitimate enough. It makes sense that if a friend signs up for the same service as I have, I would want to know. Fairly, if someone comments on something one has done, then being informed of that via email would be useful. Sadly, these emails have progressively had little to do with guiding the user and everything to do with driving them to re-engage. When someone signs up for your website, service or app, keep in mind that if you wish to send them notifications, then you need to make this transparent and allow them the freedom to opt out.


“I Just Want To Unsubscribe”

Sanctioning users to unsubscribe from email updates should go without saying. Not presenting this privilege means that users will mark your email as spam, and that could conclusively get your emails banner forever. Despite, just because an email has an unsubscribe option doesn’t mean it won’t divide users. Unsubscribing should be as easy as clicking a link. Anything else, and you risk annoying the recipient even more. Of course, what you really want is for users not to unsubscribe in the first place. A good way to avoid this problem is to stay on topic.


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