SEO: Fables and mists!

Myth #`1 What SEO tools should we adopt?
Google is the maximum known search engine. We require to avail Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics traffic tracker in order to get the better of the free SEO tools available. Guidelines for these tools might be complex, but worth exacting to figure out and adept them.

Myth #2 SEO is all about ranking
When you think SEO what do you think about? You consider ranking. Thus the myth is born. SEO is more than ranking. It is about culling a good strategy to give you good hits and place you high on the fancy Google search results list.

Myth # 3 We need to rank number one.
The idea here is, if you are number one, then you have a lot of traffic which comes from many hits. This isn’t always the case. You can get lots of hits on the net, but unless visitors actually will go to your store or will deal with the service, you will never know for sure. The best way to know for sure is to read customer reviews on the site, or create customer review log. This beats the BS out of ranking number one.

Myth #4 SEO is something I can contract out

There is invariably an idea, that some techie understands the whole picture of SEO techniques. Apparently, he or she is smarter in SEO field, than some of us. It is your prime, whether ranking is vital for you and how much time and funds you are prepared to invest.
It is technical dispute – trading with all the different files. Incredible, but it would give you a very good start, if you will try to learn a technical facet of the project yourself.

Myth #5 Additional links are better than content
Myth # 5 needs a little bit of explanation. Use links to back-up your content. Use in content links to connect the words with origins of the article, or give a broader explanation. For example if your article is about the bananas – Link the word with its description in Wikipedia. Use links like a bibliography and footnotes. Show visitors, that your contacts and connections are a solid base. Beware, if you have more links than good content, people will say you aren’t original and possibly disregard your service or product or what you have to say.


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