Storytelling , how to convey complex information to the online audience effectivly ?

If you didn’t know, the numbers representing mobile internet browsing are way ahead of the ones representing desktop browsing. The main consumers of the online content are now entering the digital world through the screens of their smartphones. The same applies to shopping, as most of the shopping experiences take place online.


This is why here at Element 8, we have put the emphasis on creating web portals and applications that are mobile-ready right from the start. By doing so, online shops can meet the expectations of modern online shoppers and deliver a delightful experience to them. Besides, we can also develop dedicated apps thus extending the functionality of your website.


Responsive design was never more important than it is today. Having complex menus represented on the mobile screen via a hamburger menu is a must, and optimizing a website for the most popularly used screen sizes has become a necessity.


Storytelling Through Web Design


Many businesses are struggling to find a convenient way to convey complex information to the online audience. A new trend in web design, storytelling, has emerged as a viable solution for this problem.


The storytelling in web design can be used to present data in new and inventive ways, thanks to the animation, interesting typography and captivating colors. However, transforming data into a storytelling style visualization is not an easy task. Web designers with extensive knowledge in data visualisation tools and libraries will definitely have their hands full.


Data visualisation is not only a trend that reflects on web design. Focusing on web portals and application development, Dubai-based companies successfully integrate complex methodology and data visualisation to bring out the best of this trend for the business in need of web portals and application development Dubai services.


There are many things to pay attention to in web design. This is why both businesses and individuals in need of establishing a unique online presence outsource web design Dubai operations. Here at Element 8, we provide Dubai’s leading creative solutions. Our team of designers and developers specialises in real estate web design, e-commerce web design and web portals and application development Dubai services.