Retail POS Solution

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Setup your iPad POS retail store now

Run your business

Manage your orders, contact customers, track sales trends, and more

We’ll Back You Up

We’ll be able to support you at all times with our customer service team based in Dubai. We don’t just pride ourselves on providing quality web design, commerce, and retail solutions in Dubai. We will be with you 100% of the way, ready to answer any questi

What’s Included

Get the hardware designed for our POS System

Run your business

Manage your orders, contact customers, track sales trends, and more

iPad / iPhone-based Point of Sale: Sell Right From Your Mobile

There is no training required to jump right into our retail solutions. You can sell your products right from your iPad or iPhone. You can use your mobile device to set up whatever products you’re selling and also to collect payment from your customers. With the portability of your mobile device, you can set up shop at any number of markets, trade shows, festivals, or other events.

Monitor Online and Retail Sales from Unified Software

Part of our belief in efficiency means that your full sales experience, whether online or retail, is fully integrated. At Element8, we believe in design philosophies that incorporate a seamless web experience no matter what medium you’re using to view our designs. Building on this, we will integrate your store’s online e-commerce sales and your retail sales from your point of sale solution. Using our software, you can monitor your total sales from both your physical and virtual stores from your device.

Custom-Made Reports for Your Needs

Our retail package will provide a portable means to track your sales. We provide analytics methods that can will help you keep track of your orders, payments, and sales. These analytics are customizable by you and can be fully integrated with other payment methods. You can further increase the functionality of your store by integrating it with hundreds of online retail apps.

Our Package Uses Familiar, Easy Products

Our retail package is filled with simple products that you’re used to seeing at any retail outlet. All you need to provide is your iPad or iPhone. We’ll provide a barcode scanner, iPad stand, cash drawer, and receipt printer. This package is light and easy to pack with a modern look, making it perfect for trendy outlets such as jewelry shops, fashion stores, or coffee joints. You’ll also be able to easily sell your products on the go.

Case Studies

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