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Use Custom Video Animations To Get Your Message Across

Guaranteed Unlimited Revisions

You are guaranteed revisions until we get it right. As the provider of the best explainer videos in Dubai, we believe in dedication to quality and results.

All original images

All of our images are done in-house by our skilled, professional animators specifically for your video animation.

Protection for Your Ideas

All of your ideas are safeguarded by our non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You get final say on any project before it is published, giving you full creative control.

The power of Cartoon Animation and Explanatory Videos

People tend to find moving pictures amusing and catchy. Explainer videos are learning tools designed to aid in the teaching of a subject through illustrative methods such as animation. Explainer videos take a complex idea and simplify it through modern cinematography to produce a clear, concise and entertaining explanation of a complicated topic. This differs from other types of videos that are intended simply to entertain or to sell a product. Because of the nature of modern audiences, having an animated infographic is a good way to attract and keep the attention of your audience in a cost-effective manner.

We Cater To All
Types Of Business

Whether it’s a small firm with a handful of employees or a massive corporation, Element 8 stands out as the premier video production company in Dubai.

Need Videos In
Other Languages?:

Aside from English, we also have in-house translators that are skilled in the cultural nuances of Arabic, French, Chinese and almost any other spoken language on the face of the earth.

Why Hire Element 8?

  • 100% original content. Nothing copied from other sites or stock images.
  • No surprises in pricing. One price is all you pay.
  • Scripting is included for those who don’t have one.
  • The best quality for an explainer video animation in Dubai at an affordable cost.
  • Multilingual video production available.
  • Videos done at High Definition (up to 1080p).
  • Guaranteed unlimited revisions.
  • Security for your ideas through our NDA.
  • Professionally done voice-overs.
  • Quick turnaround with on-time delivery.
  • Monitor your order progress as we work on it.
  • 24/7 customer support of the highest quality.

A Truly Professional Company

Element 8 prides itself on being the best provider of infographic animation in Dubai. We believe dealing with our clients professionally and all your work is done in the strictest confidence. As companies get more and more competitive with their infographics and their explainer videos, you need a company that is dedicated to quality and excellence in production.

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