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While Element8 will provide web design and functionality for your online store, we go beyond providing just simple manpower. At the end of the day, however, your store is yours alone, and should follow your ideas and brand. As such, you have complete control over the layout of your site and can customize the visuals and content to your liking. Although we will build your site, the site itself is an extension of your idea. Therefore, it is you who has the most power in its implementation, not us.

International Payment Integration and Versatility

Just because we provide web design in Dubai doesn’t mean you have to be limited to the rupee when it comes to accepting payment for your inventory. Our stores integrate with over 70 external payment gateways worldwide, from PayPal to PayFort, so that you can instantly receive payment for sales. We also provide global tax and currency support. With the increasingly global nature of online sales, we provide the versatility needed to manage your online payments efficiently and quickly.

Online Marketing and Advertising

With your online store comes a customizable website and a fully functional blog. Furthermore, we have add-ons and integration with social media sites such as Facebook and other online vendors such as We can also arrange for websites to be featured on Facebook advertising and Google ads, and we can employ techniques such as search engine optimization to increase your hits. We follow some of the latest web design trends such as responsive design to increase the efficiency of your site’s performance metrics to perform better in search engines.

Integration with a Retail Store

Last but not least, we can integrate your online store with our physical retail setups, using apps like Shopify and hardware such as the iPad. Your store does not have to be limited only to the internet. Use our point of sale solutions, which include physical hardware such as barcode scanners and receipt printers, to set up shop and provide a physical hub for customers to order your products. Sales from your point of sale setup will be fully and seamlessly integrated with sales made online.

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