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SharePoint Design Services

Microsoft SharePoint is the leading enterprise-level content management system.

The introduction of this solution into your company’s pipeline can result in productivity and organizational increases: but it’s even better to leverage the introduction of SharePoint with a strong design approach and apply the principles of UI/UX design to your portal.
By utilizing our design services, your users will work within an immersive experience in a branded, customized SharePoint interface. Efficiency is increased by the elimination of unnecessary elements and content, and the resulting user experience provides a clean, straightforward collaboration process between users. Element8 has been working with SharePoint since the initial release of the product, and we bring years of professional experience to the table when implementing the solution in your business environment.

Branded User Interface


Our designers take the generic, default SharePoint interface and convert it into a unique portal branded with your company’s logos, colors, visual elements, and design language. This helps users enjoy a seamless transition between multiple solutions, and minimizes the amount of distraction and confusion between shifting from one application to the next. The design of the SharePoint solution will even cleanly transition between desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile browsers in a completely responsive format.

We utilize the latest user interface and user experience standards, as well as our years of experience implementing SharePoint designs, in order to bring the most aesthetically and functional practical end product to our customers. Properly branding and designing your interface will help increase the adoption and usability of SharePoint.


Increase SharePoint Productivity


SharePoint’s core design is built around easy integration with existing installations of Microsoft Office, so you’ve already seen productivity gains by implementing SharePoint in your company’s work process. Take these productivity benefits even further by streamlining the SharePoint interface to your specific needs. Element8 can help design your SharePoint solution to be exactly the solution you’re looking for, with enough functionality to cover all your needs but without extraneous options that only serve to complicate and unnecessarily confuse the end user.

We employ usability testing to ensure that your implementation is operating under only the most efficient user interface & user experience standards. We work through extensive prototyping and wireframing in order to provide exactly what your company needs while maintaining speedy production times and great efficiency.


Increase User Adoption


Often, introducing new solutions into a large organization also brings the need to ensure all users begin to adopt the new technology. To increase your rates of user adoption and retention, it is important to make the transition to a new solution as seamless and smooth as possible. Applying good design strategies to your SharePoint solution ensures that new users will feel comfortable jumping into the new process.

Multiple content management systems are in development today, but Microsoft SharePoint is the only solution deployed by 78% of Fortune 500 companies today. Take advantage of this industry-leading solution, and contact Element8 to discuss integrating SharePoint into your company’s workflow pipeline today.