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SharePoint Development Services

As an enterprise-level content management system, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the leading solutions available.

It’s highly flexible and geared towards customization for a variety of small, mid, and large-sized companies. Introducing SharePoint can reward your company with great increases in productivity and organization, but sometimes a company’s needs is so unique that SharePoint must be further modified to fit your needs perfectly. Our development services aim to fulfill all possibilities of extending SharePoint.

Element8’s development services enable your organization’s users to function within an immersive, efficient environment that is directly developed for your custom needs: whether simple application pages or in-depth .NET programming or custom app creation, we are able to address and solve your needs.

.NET Development


SharePoint is extensible through .NET, and our team is able to take advantage of this ability to provide your solution with advanced functionality. Different extensible functions of SharePoint can be developed, from SharePoint Web Parts, SharePoint Application Page, and SharePoint Apps. We are able to integrate outside Line of Business applications with your SharePoint implementation, whether from Microsoft or other third parties.


SharePoint Web Part Development


If a special functionality needs to be deployed throughout your SharePoint site, a custom developed Web Part may be an appropriate solution. Web Parts are server-side controls running inside a SharePoint page which build user-configurable content blocks within the browser. These functions can be deployed on multiple pages easily.


SharePoint Application Page Development


In the case of a function that only needs to be deployed on a single page within your SharePoint implementation, an Application Page may fit the bill for your needs. Application Pages are quicker and more straightforward to deploy but are not as duplicatable or configurable by end users. Let us consult with you and help determine which solution is best for your particular needs.


SharePoint App Development


Entire standalone apps are able to be developed for your organization: providing advanced functionality on a variety of platforms. Apps are able to be packaged and implemented within your company’s app catalog.
Often, data from other enterprise solutions in use by your organization is difficult to implement into your content management system. SharePoint development solves this problem by automatically synchronizing data into SharePoint through features like Business Connectivity Services, BizTalk, or even completely custom development. This streamlines your business procedures and greatly helps your company’s efficiency and productivity. On top of this, your custom solutions are accessible on all platforms, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile. This gives users within your organization the great flexibility and productivity while interacting with your SharePoint implementation.


The core design philosophy behind SharePoint is straightforward integration with existing Microsoft products, but these benefits can be brought to new heights by employing custom development to tailor the functions of SharePoint to your exact needs. Element8’s extensive experience over the years of developing custom SharePoint solutions can assist your organization to reach unparalleled levels of productivity.