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Top Real Estate Websites of 2023

Digital presence, showcased through an intuitive, responsive and engaging website, has never been more important. The more competitive your industry, the more important your website becomes.

Dubai’s real estate market is unlike anywhere else in the world. There are over 700 real estate agencies in Dubai. What’s more, with forecasters predicting a tough year ahead for the industry with oversupply and a slowdown in the economy, there’s no doubting that this is a competitive market.

That’s why many property agencies in Dubai are choosing now to think about a new and more engaging website as a way to weather the storm. Here we look at our top 5 leading property web solutions in Dubai and what we think works with their website.


1. Emaar

With a striking contemporary style and a clear simple layout, EMAAR’s website is attractive and engaging. The site is easy to navigate and does a good job of focusing on its most important feature: the properties themselves. Featured properties are showcased well and the use of the popular scrolling page style is used effectively within listings.


2. Emirate’s National Investment

Emirate’s National Investment, or ENI, has a beautiful and creatively designed website which stands apart from the crowd. Along with seamless functionality, the imagery is outstanding. Being a property investment company, the high-class feel is clearly important and is executed well. On-Page SEO is integrated expertly and there is a good balance of informative content.

Again, the popular scrolling style is used within pages to good effect. The property search function is easy to use and naturally leads the viewer on to want to make a booking.


3. Azco Real Estate LLC

Azco Real Estate LLC. is an award winning and culturally diverse brokerage that brings together a team of multilingual and highly qualified real estate brokers. AZCO utilises extensive expertise of the local market and internationalism of real estate. AZCO, exercises a client centred approach that helps them to deliver end-to-end property management and real estate solutions.


4. Betterhomes

Betterhomes is a well-established real estate agency focusing on buying, selling and renting homes. As they are so rooted in Dubai, with over 500 staff, it’s no surprise that they are popular.Their website has some notable plus points. The properties themselves are showcased beautifully. It’s relatively easy to navigate and has a good focus on benefits.

However, not all pages are created equally. The ‘Buy’ page works well, but ‘Short Term’ has functionality problems. The site could be improved with updated content and a more modern feel.



5. Al Fattan

Al Fattan has successfully incorporated wonderful design in to a highly functional site. This is a stylish website and the use of clever yet simple content draws the audience in.The property search function is dominant without being as brash as some of Dubai’s other real estate websites.

Al Fattan is one of Dubai’s longest established real estate businesses, yet this is a thoroughly modern website which manages to use the business’s history to its advantage whilst still proving that it is highly relevant today.


How to choose your website designer for your Dubai property business

Start by looking at your competitors and others in the real estate arena. Consider what works well about their website and what you like. This is valuable information which will help you determine what your current website is lacking and give you good groundwork.

Navigate the website as if you are looking for property for yourself. What works well and what frustrates you? Dubai being the land of expats, there is always a demand for properties. But with the vast selection of real estate properties available in the UAE, people consider carefully before choosing the right property that fits their requirements. Clients want to pick the best property or invest in the one that meets all all their needs? With the availability of online solutions that the real estate companies are offering it has become much simpler for clients to select the right property they want to invest in.

From the above listed top websites you can see that latest real estate website designs have many features and functionalities that lets users browse through and explore all the available properties in a much better way.

If you like seamless and powerful websites such as ENI  and Al Fattan for your  real estate company then we are your people. We, at Element 8  are experts at designing impressive and engaging websites for the Dubai real estate industry. Get in touch to see how we can transform your website and more.


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