The Role of AI & Chatbots in Web Design, Web Development and SEO

Quickly has AI gone from being just a fancy tech buzzword to becoming a household word. Artificial Intelligence is already affecting many aspects of our daily life, as it has become a part of various technologies and services that we use on a daily basis.


AI is now used in banking services, online shopping (product recommendations), video streaming services (recommendations based on behavioral data), to name just a few AI applications, not to mention that we are increasingly using AI-powered digital assistants to complete various mundane tasks.


It doesn’t really come as a surprise that AI has a huge role in web design, web development and SEO, so take a look at how it affects them.



AI in Web Design



The Internet has become the main source of entertainment these days, and we use it to communicate with friends, watch shows, play games, book flights and accommodation, interact with brands and purchase products and services, you name it. Since we use plenty of websites daily, it really goes without saying that our experience on those websites significantly impacts our decision to continue to use their services.


This is why every web designer’s main goal is to make sure that every visitor to a particular website has an excellent user experience, and not only uses the website without any friction, but also returns to it again. AI has made that incredibly easier, helping web designers choose the best website elements that are certain to result in excellent user experiences.


With the help of AI and machine learning, web designers can now choose the best web layouts, color schemes, typefaces, images, design for CTA buttons and much more, since AI-driven software analyzes the user inputs to choose the best web elements that will result in outstanding user experiences.


It can tap into user preferences by analyzing their online activities and interactions, helping web designers personalize content to meet the users’ needs and provide them with exactly what they are looking for.



AI in Web Development



Artificial Intelligence in in web development can also considerably improve the user experience and drive more conversions. With the help of AI, web developers can analyze the user context and situations and understand the preferences, needs and behavior of users much better.



The Power of Chatbots



AI-driven chatbots are completely transforming customer service and the way we interact with brands. Never before has communication between humans and machines been natural, simply because machines could not fully understand natural language and, of course, because they cannot feel emotions.


With machine learning and NLP (Natural-Language Processing), AI-powered chatbots can now understand natural human language much easier and better, and they can even be programmed to show empathy, which is a huge step towards more effective human-machine communication.


Thanks to AI chatbots, we can now receive proactive customer service on websites. More importantly, we can receive personalized customer service, since chatbots can analyze our behavior and learn all about our interests and preferences, providing us with exactly what we need, at the right time when we need it.


This is especially important for ecommerce websites, since shopping experiences are significantly improved when there is someone to guide customers and help them find what they need. Chatbots can be that “someone”, but they can also transfer customers to an appropriate customer service agent when they recognize that they have reached a point where they can no longer be of help.


Voice search on websites has also become much more intuitive because of chatbots powered by AI, that is, because of NLP they use. They can now easily decipher users’ needs and preferences by simply analyzing their voice and differences in tone, providing more intuitive service.






AI is changing SEO as well, as it can help businesses improve the quality of their content and increase traffic and conversions. AI-driven software can analyze user demands regarding a particular type of content, user interactions, competitors’ content, the most and least effective keywords, and key engagement triggers, all of which helps brands develop content of the highest quality that their target audience will find relevant and interesting.


The higher the quality of content, the higher your SEO Dubai ranking, since high-quality content results in great user experience, which is one of the many ranking factors in Google’s ranking algorithm.


This AI content improvement doesn’t exclude video content, which actually makes up the majority of online content right now. By analyzing user behavior and interactions when it comes to online video content, AI-powered software can make very useful suggestions regarding improving video content and making it more popular (even viral), effectively driving more website traffic and improving SEO ranking.


AI also helps brands find the best links to include in content and further engage their target audience. Based on their interests and preferences regarding a particular piece of content, it finds the most relevant links with a high domain authority, thereby helping brands hit better search engine ranks.


Artificial Intelligence has quite a lot more applications in our everyday life, but using it to improve web design and development and increase SEO ranking can undeniably bring a lot of value to businesses of all sizes. It can significantly improve user experience and help brands strengthen their relationships with customers, ultimately increasing their sales and revenue, and we are definitely yet to witness all the other amazing capabilities of AI and the ways it can help businesses grow.