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Inbound Marketing: Generate More Leads and Sales through Website

The needs of consumers have drastically changed over the past decade. This has compelled companies of all sizes to change their strategies for attracting their customers and satisfying their needs. Traditional marketing strategies are simply not going to cut it anymore.


Of course, many outbound marketing strategies, like cold calling, still work. Otherwise, a great number of companies would have already abandoned them.


However, you can no longer rely only on traditional methods if you are looking to achieve better results. You need to step up your game and keep up with the changing times, so that you can stay relevant and gain a much-needed competitive edge.


If you want to attract as many customers as you can and ensure that you retain those you’ve already engaged in your brand, you need to upgrade your marketing efforts.


Here’s a little story of my friend’s business and how their organization (which works very well) had trouble with cold calling.


The 1.2 Million-Dollar Problem


My friend came to me for advice on generating more leads and sales and bringing in more revenue. Their revenue was very good (10 million dirhams  a year), but they mostly relied on cold calling. Given the amount of revenue, it’s obvious that cold calling really does work.


However, it’s very, very hard. It’s hard as hell to get someone on the phone and get them to actually stay on the line while you pitch them your product. It works, but it’s extremely tough.


On top of it all, it’s very expensive. Every single time someone hangs up on you, a portion of your hard-earned money goes straight down the drain.


All of this is incredibly frustrating and leads to very low workplace morale, demotivating employees and sucking all their energy. It leaves them with no drive to actually do their job effectively and sell the products.


So, I talked to my friend and advised him to start harnessing the power of inbound marketing. Fortunately, he listened and increased his success 10-fold.


You too can reap the benefits of inbound marketing and ensure your business isn’t left in the dust.


Why Exactly Inbound Marketing?



Consumers today dictate how you’ll approach them and engage them in your brand, so you need to make sure you follow their rules.


Since every piece of information is available online, people do their own research to find the products and services they need. They don’t want to be sold to – you need to earn their engagement and trust.


Also, they hate hard sell ads. According to the 2017 AdBlock report, 615 million devices are using AdBlock.


Think about that for a second.


The key is to help your customers, instead of advertising to them. They don’t want to hear about your products – they want you to help them solve their problems.


Enter inbound marketing.


With inbound marketing, you can provide your target customers with real value at every single stage of their buying journey. You can provide them with useful and relevant content that will engage them in your brand and entice them to keep coming back for more.


Inbound marketing is a way to get your customers to contact YOU, instead of you trying to find them or push them to buy from you. Pushing them to buy will only push them away.


It’s All About High-Quality Content



It really is. It all comes down to that.


With high-quality content that really solves your customers’ problems, they’ll start trusting you and they’ll see you as an authority in your field. They’ll see you as a credible source of information and you’ll become their go-to resource for issues related to your products or services.


It’s the most essential step for building strong and meaningful relationships with your customers.


Here’s how we use inbound marketing to attract leads and earn money round the clock.


  1. We identify target customers’ problems.
  2. We create content addressing those problems and publish it on our blog.
  3. We use email marketing and social media marketing to promote our content.
  4. People who find our content interesting and useful then check out what else we have to offer and subscribe to our email list.
  5. We send welcome and follow-up emails and start building relationships with them.
  6. Their engagement increases and THEY contact US.


If you do the same, you’ll have leads coming to you and you’ll supercharge your sales.


How to Get Started with Inbound Marketing



It’s pretty simple: start a blog in your website.


That’s where you can provide answers to all your customers’ questions. Find out what their needs and interests are and write posts that will solve their problems.


Blog consistently and always provide something fresh and useful. Use keywords that your target audience is using to search for the solutions to their problems – they’ll find you easier that way.


Use tools like OptinMonster and Hello Bar to get your blog readers to subscribe to your email list and get a chance to receive more of your great content.


The biggest problem would be finding the time for blogging. If you don’t have enough time or aren’t really skilled at writing, we’ll help you out.


That’s why we created Blogger package  in the first place.


We’ll create excellent blog posts for you every month and help you attracts lots of new customers. You’ll no longer have to chase your leads – they’ll come running towards you.


So, jump on the inbound marketing train and join the thrilling ride.


Feel free to contact us – we’ll be more than happy to help you out!


If you have any questions or wish to share your inbound marketing experiences, scroll down to leave a comment!