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Mobile and Web Application for Cweed Corporation in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Element 8 has successfully developed and implemented mobile and web application for Cweed Corporation in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

It is a fantastic and satisfying feeling when you build something which helps to solve complicated problems and make life easier for the common man.

Cweed corporation a leading business based in Tanzania and market leader in exporting seaweed across the globe. Managing thousands of farmers and streamlining their collection and storage. The entire process was not as easy as expected when there was no system in place. It was always challenging to implement a system when you deal with people who live in the remote areas and who do not possess the required level of expertise in technology. Our primary challenge was to simplify the app as much as possible, and the UX we designed was simple and effective so that any user who has a minimum technical knowledge would be able to handle it with ease.

The training

As a part of the project, we have developed a mobile app for the stationmaster who is in the field to collect seaweeds from farmers and another web-based PHP open source application for warehouse management.


Stationmaster mobile app

Over a hundred station masters collect and store seaweed from the farmers on a monthly basis. The app will assist the station master to consolidate seaweed collection from the over 200 farmers on a regular basis. The app will track the issuing of ropes for each farmer and calculate the expected sewed collection at each harvesting interval. On top of this, they can use the app for their expense management, farmer performance analysis, and to interact with the warehouse manager. The Android mobile app is always connected to the server in the warehouse, which helps the warehouse manager to track the stock of seaweed and rope in each station. The warehouse manager also checks and verifies each expense uploaded by station master, in seconds and release additional petty cash if required.


Warehouse Management app

The web application we build in PHP & MySQL platform helps the warehouse manager to streamline the entire process which includes managing station masters, farmers, ropes and seaweed storage. There are multiple user roles implemented so that each member can manage their section. This helps in simplifying the process whereby the user sees only information that is relevant to him.

The app also provides a detailed reporting module were top-level manager can see the overall performance of the organization, warehouse, stock, station master and even farmer. The system will generate monthly and quarterly reports automatically.

Due to the tight integration with the mobile app, all the communications are on the right channel, and it can monitor and analyse the intelligence for further business development.

The first batch of Station masters after three days Training section in Misall Sunset hotel, Pembe

Our Technical Lead Visit in Pembe for the training