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7 Best Web Design Courses in 2021 for Beginners Approved by Web Designers

Compare and choose the web design course that fits all the metrics you are looking for! 

There are numerous web designers in a one-square-kilometer radius surrounding you. Don’t even bother to think about the number in the world. However, the number of awesome web designers is, comparatively, much lower. 

So, do you wish to be a part of the crowd and be called a web designer, or do you actually wish to be a good web designer? For that, you need to choose the best web designing course.

If you are intimidated by the number of people who call them web designers, you should see the multitude of web design courses available online. You might need more than a month just to find the best course. 

Don’t worry, our web designers have shortlisted courses, free as well as paid, for 2021 to spare you the hard work. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Ultimate Web Design Course by WebFlow University

It is a free (5 hours) course that strengthens your basic foundation as a web designer. It covers various topics ranging from web structure to SEO, and from HTML & CSS basics to media elements. Even though you do not get any certificate, the knowledge you gain is invaluable. 

Build Your First Web Pages With HTML and CSS by OpenClassrooms

If you are new to the landscape of web designing, this 10-hour course is perfect for you. It covers all the basics to give you a strong fundamental understanding of CSS3 and HTML. The best part is that it is totally free until you need a certificate (which requires a membership of $20 per month). 

Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS on Udemy

It is a paid course that offers you well-structured learning of the basics of responsive design. It covers HTML layout & essentials, CSS3 animations, JavaScript framework, bootstrap, forms, media, and a lot more. The 11-hour course is available at a one-time fee of $16.99.

Web Design Track on TreeHouse

This 41-hour course offers interactive sessions on HTML, CSS, layout, and other basics of web designing like branding, color theory, typography, etc. You can either subscribe for the course at $25 or $49 per month.

CSS Grids/Flexbox Course on Frontend Masters

Learn to use modern CSS techniques to create a responsive and attractive layout for your website through this $39/month course. It runs for more than 5 hours and covers CSS float, Flexbox basics & implementation, responsive design basics, and a lot more. 

Encouraging Clicks Masterclass by Paul Boag

The $267 course guides you to create designs that drive conversions and clicks ‘without shady tricks’. It is a 4.5-hour niche course that covers the aspects of designing necessary for conversion. It also covers other metrics of conversion. 

Front End Development Course by Skillcrush

It is a 3-month course for beginners offering an in-depth introduction to front-end development. It covers HTML, CSS, & JS Basics, and you can choose to pay $199 for 3 months or $549 for a lifetime. 


There are multiple courses on the internet and these were the most acclaimed courses approved by web designers. We hope you found the list helpful. 

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