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Clever tactics for B2B PPC / Google Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads can be lead-generating rocket fuel. They can entice and coax even the most risk-averse potential B2B customer to sit up and pay attention and, eventually, buy. But only if you use B2B PPC  with refined precision. That can be problematic as most tips for PPC are aimed at B2C. B2B needs the super-charged turbo version of PPC. That’s what we reveal here: the clever tactics for B2B PPC.

The attention seeking PPC

Think of PPC ads as the kid, hand in the air, desperate to be picked. Your audience, the second B in ‘B2B’, is the one whose attention they want. Succeed in getting that click and they are saying they are interested and they want to know more.

However, getting that right is even trickier when we’re talking about B2B rather than B2C.

The differences between PPC campaigns for B2B and B2C

Understanding the differences between these campaign types is vital for creating a powerful campaign.

With B2B your audience is already smaller. Expect search volumes to be lower as a result. With some market segmentation, that audience shrinks again.

Then there is the issue that even though you’re targeting a business, your PPC ad is still only read by an individual within that business, varying from CEO down.

Add to this that B2B buyers will put effort into shopping around. They are seeking to make costly purchases and build excellent relationships. Therefore you can’t simply go for a snappy PPC sales approach.

Lastly, the sales cycle in B2B is often extended. We’re not talking minutes, days or maybe a few weeks as with B2C. We’re talking months. Therefore the return on investment on the PPC campaign is delayed.

So, how do you get a PPC campaign for B2B right?

PPC campaign tips for B2B

Don’t ditch everything you know about PPC. The basic principles will serve you well whether you’re looking at B2C or B2B. Think of these tactics as an extra layer of advice over the top.

Start with research

B2B PPC campaigns require dedicated research and search reports.  Through this, you can find out how keywords are working. Research will help you get specific in terms of the ad copy, including flagging negative keywords that are doing you more harm than good.

Search engines cannot understand your business and its niche as well as you can so research matters.

Move on to keywords

With better market understanding, you can move on to keywords. Here many of the principles for B2C campaigns will be relevant. However, think about your industry-specific jargon and acronyms.

This is also true for things like model numbers or names. B2B searchers will use technical terms with much more ease and prevalence making them potentially exceptional keywords.

Campaigns and ad groups

It can be really useful with effective B2B PPC campaigns to use a purchase funnel approach. Your groups of ads should reflect this.

This can involve some clever thinking. For example, in the ‘awareness’ group you may choose to flag up case studies, white papers or awards.

How to write B2B PPC ad copy

How to write B2B PPC ad copy is your next challenge. Call to Actions (CTA) need to shine like dazzling beacons, but they must be appropriate. Shy away from brash approaches such as ‘Order Now’ but instead encourage contact, or perhaps an option to download useful information. Remember – these buyers need time.

Be personal. B2B customers, often in stark contrast to B2C, will want to talk to a real person. Do this whilst showing off your credibility through award references and quality certifications wherever possible.

PPC ad copy for B2B should take a pre-qualification approach. Use the ad copy to self-select out market segments which wouldn’t use you. Address your ideal market’s concerns. Focus on ease and authenticity.

Measure, tweak, measure again

As with any PPC campaign, it takes experience to really refine it. You will need to watch your analytics like a hawk and make changes. Bear in mind the anticipated long sales cycle; you need to track PPC visitors over months to trace them to the ad itself. It’s normal and expected for the conversion from a click to be months down the line, hang in there.

Setting up a B2B PPC campaign

If you think this all sounds pretty complex to actually do well, you’re right. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth the investment. In fact, it really is worth putting in a concerted effort to approach your PPC campaign differently when you have B2B in mind.

Need help? PPC for B2Bs is just one of the things we excel at. Get in touch and let’s power your B2B PPC campaign together.

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