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10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Brands

Healthcare brands occupy a unique space when it comes to marketing. Perhaps beyond all other brands, they need consistency and integrity. Their marketing strategy cannot be left to chance. It’s a competitive arena, but one which must be information-driven. The digital arena is the wonder-drug of choice when it comes to healthcare marketing. Here we reveal the top 10 most effective digital marketing strategies for healthcare brands.

1. Powerful websites

It might seem obvious, but in fact is often overlooked: your website needs to sing. What’s more, your website should be the central cohesive hub through which all your other digital marketing endeavours flow. This is absolutely vital in healthcare.

Patients increasingly turn to Dr Google for information. Your website is how you impart strong and reliable information, communicate integrity and trustworthiness and showcase your products.

Your site needs to be impactful, responsive and easy-to-navigate.

2. Strategic SEO

If patients turn to Dr Google, that’s where you need to be. There’s a great deal of competition here, so you’ll need to get the experts on board. Most importantly in the healthcare niche, content really is still king. Get some focus on your SEO.

3. Clever Pay Per Click campaigns

Given the challenge of SEO competition in healthcare, you need to ensure PPC campaigns are a top level part of your digital marketing strategy. This way when the individual turns to Dr Google, you’re there at the top of the results.

PPC adverts are notoriously tricky beasts which take a dedication to testing to get spot on. Harness them well and you’ll drive digital traffic and sales.

4. Informative and educational blog

Yes, content really is king in the healthcare niche. Not only will a regularly updated blog do you wonders when it comes to SEO, it’ll build a relationship of trust with your audience. That’s powerful stuff in the healthcare arena.

A whopping 7% of Google searches (that’s 70,000 per minute) are health related. If you want a slice of that pie, then you need to have the content that users are looking for. An informative blog is the way to do it.

5. The stalwart – email campaigns

Email marketing is very much alive. However, it’s all about doing it effectively. Once again, in the healthcare world, this means making them jam-packed with useful information and resources.

It’s also a great way to showcase your blog. Time email campaigns cleverly to reflect the health season and use segmentation to target specific groups at specific times so that your emails really appeal to the individual.

6. Videos, videos, videos

Along with written content, 2024 is the year you really need to turn your attention to video marketing. There’s something impressive about video in the way it can convey a message in a quick and easy to digest way. Get some clinicians on camera and you’ll really sell your product or service whilst building trust.

7. Go social

The power of social media marketing shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to digital marketing strategies for healthcare brands. It’s a relatively low cost but simple way of engaging with your audience and building a relationship.

Facebook and Instagram are perhaps the most powerful social platforms for healthcare, but don’t forget Twitter or Pinterest either.

8. Influencer marketing

It has to be said that in healthcare, influencer marketing has an interesting role to play. We may associate it with retail brands such as beauty, but it can carry immense power in healthcare too. For example, vitamin brand care/of got their vitamins recommended by beauty influencer Sophia Chang.

9. Display ads

It’s tempting to shun display ads thinking they are simply an annoyance for most. However, this isn’t actually the case for healthcare brands, particularly for B2C healthcare companies. Clinicians and companies buying healthcare products and services are online, working and engaging with relevant sites. Get your ad in the right place and it can be very effective at reaching this audience where they are.

10. Redirect and retarget

If someone has expressed an interest in your brand in one area then retargeting is a chance to build loyalty and hook them in some more. As long as you stay on the right side of data protection laws, you can use data given to you to determine a user’s behaviour and preferences. It allows you to develop a highly targeted and tailored marketing approach.

Finally, it is vital that you draw all of your digital marketing strategies together so that they create a seamless experience. Digital marketing really can be the miracle cure for healthcare brands.

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