how long does seo take to show results

How Long Does It Take For SEO To Show Results In 2023?

Jean Jacques Rousseau has rightly said that “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”, and when taking a leap of fate, one’s patience runs truly against the test of time. Moreover, in the cut-throat competition and dynamics of the world, in the periphery of trade, commerce, and business, a lot of times people run out of faith and it is then that one has to hold onto tight on their determination and make conscious countable decisions. Living in a world of make-believe and sell-for-show, where consumers and business operations are free from physical or geographical barriers, acclimating to the change is not easy but essential for survival. Hence, one has to find ways to make their business remarkable in the digital or virtual scape, and in this era, SEO  is one such conscious countable decision. 

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is today defined as the means employed for optimizing your website in a way that influences its ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. In a nutshell, it makes your website more visible and accessible in terms of brand awareness, market capture, client relationship, etc. This, in turn, fetches more traffic, which means more leads, and resulting more conversion which means more revenue. 

What are the important aspects of SEO?

1. Keywords 

These are terms, phrases, and words used by prospective customers to find a particular product, service, or information. Brands dealing with those particular products and services use these terms strategically to attract customers. 

2. Content 

This plays an important role in user engagement since writing blogs or articles on different topics related to your products or services helps users to find you easily on the SERP or Search Engine Result Page when they look for relative information.  

You can create content in the form of a webpage, videos, infographics blogs, podcasts, social media posts, etc. which must be informative, relevant, interesting, and shareable.

3. Off-Page SEO 

Practises such as guest blogging, third-party marketing, influencers, backlink building, and infographics are the ones that take place away from your website, and not on it. This increases the credibility of the website from external sources indicating its value.  

4. Local SEO

Ever wondered how your phone is able to give you the best deals on things related to your interest around you? This is where local SEO helps. With the skyrocketing usage of mobile phones, 60% of the searches done on search engines are done with local intent. Working on this end involves, using local keywords, creating location-specific pages for the website, claiming directory listings, and creating pages on Google My Business local directories and Google Maps. 

5. Search Engine Marketing

This helps you in leveraging a new and highly targeted pool of audience. Practices like using social media advertisement, native ad words, pay-per-click campaigning, Display Ads, Google AdWords, Google Shopping Ads, and more. 

How Can SEO Help Your Business In 2023?

In today’s digital era, where your virtual presence is all the more important than your brick-mortar shop, SEO is crucial for your business in the following ways:


When we are talking about virtual scape, we mean visibility. SEO then is all about the techniques employed to accelerate your visibility. The simple logic behind it is that you are upfront everywhere where people are looking for products and services you deal in. The higher your rank is when people hit search on Google for a particular product or service, the more audience you can capture. Consider this, a quarter of web users never move past the first result on SERP, thus making organic page ranking critically important.  


The more vast the virtual space becomes, the more insecure and non-credible it becomes, making page authority an important aspect since it guarantees relevance, quality, and trust. It is assessed on a scale of 100, which means the higher you score, the more credible your website is considered. 


User Experience or UX is about usability, which defines the experience of your end-users while using the product in terms of ease of using the product or in our ambit, the website or the application. Therefore when we talk about SEO, we are considering all the steps taken to give users a good experience in terms of ease of usability so that they do not switch to your competitor brand. 

How Long Does SEO Take To Show Results?

There is no straight answer to that question. However, it takes 4 to 6 months on average for your SEO practices to show significant results.  When targeting low competitive keywords, then you might encounter differences within a short period of time, around 4 months. If you are looking forward to the conversion rate and traffic then you shall see an increase in not less than 6 months to a year. Similarly, for highly competitive keywords, it takes a comparatively longer period of time to see any significant change since it also depends on high domain and page authority. It can therefore take up to 2-3 years to see a strong ranking. 

Thus, one must behold patience when employing new SEO techniques and strategies so that they can adapt well to the Google algorithm and attain the desired results. 

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