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Best Payment Gateways in UAE for Your E-commerce Website

With digitalization bringing everything you need to your fingertips, the virtual market is bustling with thousands of e-commerce entities striving to gain your attention and serve you with the best customer experience. Moreover, the Covid 19 pandemic has only catalyzed the growth of global online shopping. In fact, as per the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the UAE e-commerce market is expected to reach $9.2bn in 2026. Therefore, to succeed in this rapidly changing realm instead of succumbing to it, online shopping entities are sketching ways to provide an end-to-end impeccable user experience. And payment plays a vital role in the user experience since in the end what good is your e-commerce website if it gives a hard time to your users when they move ahead to pay up for their purchase?

In this blog, we will highlight some of the most popular payment gateways prevalent in the UAE for e-commerce websites in 2022. But before that let us reflect on some basic questions for wariness.

What are Payment Gateways?

A payment gateway is an online payment service that enables merchants to accept secured and authorized credit payments. Be it an online retailer or e-business, one can perform desired monetary transactions between banks and websites.

There are two types of payment gateway services –

  • Hosted Payment Gateway – in this type of payment gateway, the user gets redirected to another page where the transaction gets completed and then resumes back on the e-commerce webpage, where they left off. It does not take the confidential details of the website but rather takes the user to their payment gateway site.
  • Shared Payment Gateway – in this type of payment gateway, the transaction is completed on the same page. When a user moves forward with payment, a form pops up and when the credential information is fed, the payment gets processed on the same page.

While selecting your payment gateway, you must bear in mind the aspects such as the transaction fee, on-form details prior to payment, card type that is accepted, and recurring bills for the subscription.

UAE Payment Gateways For E-Commerce Websites

Amazon Payment Services

Coming from the global tech giant, Amazon Pay Services accepts payments in more than 18 currencies across the world at a recurrent fee of AED 280 per month, with a 2.8% transaction fee and AED 1 exchange fee, carrying no extra setup fees. However one has to pay extra for enabling additional features like fraud protection and an extra monthly fee of AED 35 and a setup fee of AED 135 in lieu of verifying false actions in the payment gateway arrangement.


Now operational in at least 100 countries, Telr has a pricing structure with 3 pricing models: Initial, Small, and Medium starting at AED 349, AED 39, and AED 49 respectively which are apt for startups, SMEs and E-commerce businesses.


Widely used in the UAE, CCAvenue offers a pricing model suitable for all business levels, starting at a monthly fee of AED 200, with a 3% transaction fee and AED 1 exchange fee,  carrying no extra setup fees.


Established in 2014, PayTabs offers services in more than 168 currencies across the world at a nominal fee with a 2.85% transaction fee and AED 1 exchange fee per transaction. It is best known for features like creating and sending invoices, security management certified by Visa and MasterCard, and fraud prevention systems.


The Saudi Arabia-based payment gateway service provider has partnered with more than 100 banks and credit card entities to offer the best security against fraud management, at a startup fee of 2.75% per transaction fee and AED 0.75 exchange fee per transaction.

You can choose any of these prominent payment gateways providers in UAE for your e-commerce website as per the suitability of your website and budget and then an expert e-commerce website development company can help you integrate a secured payment gateway portal for accepting online payments to ensure that both, the merchant and the customers feel confident to process monetary transactions on the e-commerce website.

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