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Leveraging Digital Marketing for Expo 2020, Exhibitions, Conferences, and Other Events in Dubai 

How to promote any upcoming event using the right digital marketing strategies 

Let’s go back only a decade and a half in time. Do you remember how the information on upcoming events was released? Yes, it was either the TV, billboards, or newspapers. How many of these promotional channels are still as effective as they used to be? None! 

The reason is obvious, every person is stuck with their mobile phone. So, to remedy this, the marketers started reaching the masses on their mobile phones through the internet. Now, here is a catch. Marketing anything on the internet is much cheaper and, therefore, the audience is flooded with promotional content. Thus, it has become quite difficult for every player, big or small, to promote anything in the most effective manner, especially when it comes to events like Dubai Expo 2020

With such competition, building dynamic digital marketing strategies for event marketing has become crucial. Depending on your Expo 2020 goals, you must have a high-impact digital marketing plan to achieve more than your expected bottom-line ROI. 

Develop a Content Strategy 

You already know that “content is king” but just creating content is not enough. You can’t assume that the audience will flock to your website as soon as you upload content. This will not happen. You must have a content strategy. 

To build an effective content strategy, you must know who are you addressing, what do they need, which channels to target, what do you wish to achieve, your short-term and long-term goals, KPIs, and more. Once you know all this, build a refined strategy that includes content calendars, optimization, engagement efforts, a social plan, measuring conversions, etc. 

Focus on the SEO Campaign 

After content strategy, your next step should be to build an effective strategy for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. After all, the benefits of good rankings on Google and other search engines can’t be neglected. 

Inbound Marketing is the Way to Go 

Let us ask you two questions, and you will understand the point:

  • How much attention do you pay to those ads on Facebook, Insta, and other social media platforms? 
  • How often do you click on those ads that you see at the top of Google search results? 

The same is the case with your audience. They find these ads annoying. Inbound marketing is all about building trust organically instead of paid promotions. This type of marketing takes time, so it is better to start at the earliest. 

Create Gripping Landing Pages 

Suppose that your audience clicks on the link you provided and lands on a page. Now, two things can happen: they will either like the page and stay or bounce back. To make them stay, it is important to create a landing page that not only looks stunning but also has the capability to make your audience stay and follow your CTA (Call-to-action). 

Apart from these steps, you also need to focus on your website structure, social media marketing plan, etc. If you need more information or professional help, feel free to reach out to us, and our experts will be happy to help you. 

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