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Advantages of Creating Customer-Centric Mobile Apps for Businesses

Why customer-centric apps are the present and future of the m-comm industry.

The use of mobile apps has increased rapidly over the years. Understanding this trend, businesses started taking advantage of this preference among users and started building e-commerce mobile applications. The data shows that mobile applications covered around 63% of the industry back in 2018. The number rose to approximately 67% in 2019 and it moved to 70% in 2020.

Even though it is good news that we are moving forward and adopting technology, the rising number of e-commerce mobile applications or optimized websites has created a lot of challenges for new and old businesses alike, especially when it comes to targeting customers and driving conversions.

Now the big question is: What can you do to make your business stand out when there is so much competition?

The answer is actually quite simple, and pretty obvious from the title of this blog! Yes, we are going to discuss how customer-centric mobile apps can help your business. 

What are Customer-Centric Apps? 

Customer-centric apps are basically like any other apps. However, the only line of distinction is that these apps are built to provide an exceptional experience to the customers, after thorough research on customer behaviour and preferences, specific to your industry. 

Apart from great UI/UX, these apps also offer a personalized experience that makes the user feel valued. It is due to these reasons that customer-centric apps not only generate more conversions but also act as a hook to bring back customers more often. 

What are the Main Features of a Customer-Centric Mobile App? 


Research should be your very first step. It will help you build your customer’s persona more profoundly, giving a deep understanding of the pain points, preferences, fears, and goals, etc. 

Ease of Accessibility

You know that your users will use Android, iOs, and even Windows devices to access the app. So, it is better to make it compatible with, at least, these three operating systems. 

The Search Button 

Make sure your app has the search button. How else are your customers supposed to find what they are looking for within a few seconds?

Clear Product Images

Users usually buy products that appeal to their eyes. Moreover, users will never buy certain products (like clothing, accessories, etc) without seeing a picture of them. The picture quality should be good enough to show the product clearly. 


A good UI ensures that your customers reach what they are looking for quickly and without assistance. Whereas, a good UX makes their shopping experience pleasant and turns them into repeat customers. 


Simplicity is the key because you can’t expect all your customers to be capable enough to handle the creative complexities. 

Push Notifications 

Last but not least, when customers receive personalized push notifications from time to time, there are high chances that they will end up landing on your app every once in a while, even without intending to do so. 

If you are building a customer-centric mobile app and need some expert suggestions, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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