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Web Application Penetration Test: A Market Gimmick or a Necessity?

As is clear by the title, this blog will help you understand the concept of web application penetration testing, or pen testing for short, and its actual importance. Now, for starters, let us first address the elephant in the room: 

Do you really need a Web Application Penetration Test? 

The answer is a loud and affirmative “Yes”! Pen testing is crucial for each and every business that uses systems, networks, or web apps. You might be thinking, “Why do I need it?” Before we answer that, let us first understand what pen testing is all about. 

What is Web Application Penetration Testing?

Pen testing is all about simulating real-world attacks to explore vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and applications. The web application penetration testing process is designed to discover the weakness in your web applications. 

Following this, the pen tester offers recommendations that allow you to optimize your company’s security posture to ensure that your web applications are well-protected and secure. In simple words, it tests how safe your application and data are against any type of cyber attack and then the vulnerabilities are fixed. 

Why Do You Need Pen testing?

Let us answer this question with the help of an example: 

Mr. X was proud that he ranked among smart businessmen in Dubai. Last year, his application was hit by a cyber attack twice within a month. Not only the personal data of his clients was stolen and the software was tweaked, but he also suffered huge losses in terms of finances and reputation. As it turns out, he was not that smart after all. He could have avoided all this through pen-testing.

So, you need pen testing to:

  • Find and fix vulnerabilities before an attacker does
  • Help uncover vulnerabilities you didn’t know existed
  • Find out what it means to the business in terms of impact should an attack be successful
  • Understand how effectively the organization can detect and respond to an attack
  • Illustrate the risk posture of a target system in a live environment
  • Meet compliance with regulatory standards such as PCI

A Word of Advice: Don’t be Mr. X and engage Element 8 for an annual pen-testing exercise to see how your cyber infrastructure stands in the ever-changing threat landscape!

Why Element 8?

Element 8 is the perfect choice because we have a certified team with vast experience, the latest tools, and techniques to enhance your overall security posture. For this, we offer 3 types of penetration testing: 

White Box Testing

This test discovers the threats occurring internally (probably, from your employees) in the company. For the test, the client provides the server information, network details, operating system details, application details, protocols, etc.

Black Box Testing

No prior information regarding the networks, applications or systems is needed for this test. The main purpose of Black Box Testing is to determine how external hackers would invade your systems.

Hybrid Testing

It involves both white and black box testing to ensure complete security.

Moreover, we also help develop programs to prepare for security emergencies. Do you need more reasons to engage Element 8? 

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