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Top 10 Corporate Website Designs in 2019

Every company’s website should be a perfect representation of its brand, telling its story, showcasing its personality, and providing real value to customers. A website is a gateway to a brand, where consumers enter to see what a company is all about.


Are you building a new corporate website, or redesigning your existing one? Look for inspiration in the following corporate sites, some of which have received awards for their stunning designs.




Offering premium music and sound design for brands, Spectre is a design music company that is an expert in retail music marketing. Its website looks as artistic as all its solutions are, with beautiful images and seamless navigation.

The categories are visible and easy to navigate due to the site’s gadget look, and the overall design is very quintessential. It’s quite on the premium side, just like the company’s knowledge of music, and all the services it offers.




Wootten Cordwainer and Leather Craftsmen perfectly represent the shoemaking company. As you navigate through different pages on the website (each of which is connected to the next on the homepage), you can’t help but be instantly engaged in the brand, with all the captivating images of the manufacturing and their other services.

You really feel the creativity that goes into making shoes, which is precisely the goal of this kind of web design. The typography is just as beautiful, and the minimalism infused in the navigation bar goes incredibly well with the rest of the design.


Hausmann & Co.

Hausmann & Co. is an ideal example of the fact that a corporate website consisting of a single page can be incredibly captivating.

Different sections of the website are connected to each other, which you see as you keep scrolling down, and each addresses the needs of the company’s audience.

The image at the top, featuring the two partners of the law firm standing outside a London building, shows exactly what their customers need: dependability, strength, experience, professionalism. As you scroll down, you meet the entire team and explore the services and contact information.


Ashford & Ashford

Ashford & Ashford’s website has a minimalistic design that features all the necessary information their customers need in a very simplistic manner.

This is yet another single-page web design example that works perfectly. Graphics are quite interesting, with red and grey colors dominating each section, and the typography makes it very easy to quickly learn more about the company and engage in their brand.



 Medallia has one of the most engaging and attention-grabbing corporate websites out there. The SaaS company offering Customer Experience Management and Enterprise Feedback Management software focused exactly on those products when creating its web design.

The top of the homepage is enriched with automatically-played videos showcasing customer experience, while the rest of the page showcases the value of Medallia’s products (featuring various screenshots of their software), and features compelling customer stories. It’s a truly superb one-page design for attracting customers.


NYC Health + Hospitals

The NYC Health + Hospitals website has the kind of straightforward design and intuitive navigation that allow a concerned patient to quickly find what they are looking for. No one looks for a doctor until they are in trouble, but the large vibrant images of smiling face and the medical staff really help put visitors in a calm mood.

With a few clearly defined pages and three big colorful search bars that allow visitors to search by the doctor, location or specialty, it’s easy for anyone to find the right doctor within a few clicks.


Rainforest Guardians

Rainforest Guardians is a non-profit organization trying to protect various villages and natives in the Amazon Rainforest from deforestation. Its website is one-of-a-kind, with an impressive design that takes you to the Rainforest with its amazing interactive features, stunning 360° images, and joyful music.

The user experience it creates is outstanding. You can really draw inspiration from it, especially if your goal is to genuinely connect with your audience.


Amanda Martocchio Architecture


The website of Amanda Martocchio Architecture is a great representation of a visually-appealing design. When you get on the homepage and start scrolling through all the outstanding images of the houses the company designed, you see that those images are all there is on the homepage.

But they’re so captivating that you soon realize you don’t need to see anything else to know whether or not the company fits your architectural needs. You see how committed the company is to its fantastic work, and how it can provide you with great value.



MovieMark is a video marketing company that helps brands tell their story, and convert customers by evoking powerful emotions with the use of captivating videos. The company’s website is enriched with different videos that play automatically and instantly engage the visitors.

The typography is big, very bold, and together with the videos paints a picture of a team of professionals who know exactly how to help businesses grow. That’s the feeling you get once you set your eyes on the web design.


Feed Music


Feed Music really knocked it out of the park with its web design. The wonderful animations and engaging videos take you to another dimension, immersing you completely in an incredibly engaging experience.

Apart from its unique look, it has several usability elements that also make it stand out from the crowd. One of them is a navigation bar that also serves as a scroll progress bar, which is quite interesting.

The tech spotlight section is mind-blowing, showcasing just how much talent and creativity has gone into this web design. It’s definitely one of the most inspiring designs on this list.


Has any of these corporate web designs sparked some inspiration for your own website? Be sure to explore them all in detail, as they’ll definitely give you some great ideas for making your website stand out from the crowd.

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