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What is the Significance of Long-Tail Keywords and How to Find Them?

Do you find SEO confusing? Well, we don’t blame you! It is daunting, and the terminology is a completely different story. It is awesome that you have already understood most of it! 

However, there is still a lot to understand and a few things that you must know. Here are a few questions:

What are long-tail keywords? 

Why are they called so? 

What is so special about them? 

Do these questions ever come to your mind? If yes, you will find all the answers in this blog. So, grab your coffee and sit tight because you are going to enjoy reading this! 

What are long-tail keywords?

Before we move on to this, let us first understand what a keyword is. Keywords are words, sets of words, or phrases that people type on search engines to get specific results. Confused? 

Let’s say that people have to search for a digital marketing agency. They might type the same or something like “digital marketing company” on Google or another search engine. Now, these phrases are keywords that all digital marketing companies should focus on because many people are searching for these. 

Long-tail keywords are phrases or sets of words that have low search volumes. For example, if instead of the above keywords, people specifically search for “digital marketing agency in Dubai“, “best social media advertising agency“, or “SEO company with best results”. 

These phrases are long-tail keywords. They have low search volumes because only a handful of people use the same phrase in their search. However, if the digital marketing companies focus on such long-tail keywords, they will rank higher. If you want to know “how”, keep reading!

Why are they called so? 

No, they aren’t called long-tail keywords because the phrases are longer! See, most people search specific terms instead of popular keywords. If we represent the search volume on a chart, it will be something like this:


So, have you noticed that the search volume of unpopular phrases is low, but the numbers are high? This leads to the formation of a long tail, and thus the name! 

What is so special about them?

We have established so far that most people are quite specific about what they are looking for. Now, most of your competitors might not be ranking for any of these specific searches. So, you have the opportunity. You just have to combine long-tail keywords with the main keywords to improve your rankings. 

Moreover, let’s say that a person is searching for “Fard dates dessert recipes in the UAE”, and you have targeted the long-tail keyword “Dates dessert recipes in the UAE”. It directly means that there are high chances for you to rank higher in the results because of the overall relevance. So, you do the math! 

How to find them? 

Finding them is often the task because you don’t want to target keywords that aren’t relevant or have little to no search volume. You can either use free or paid tools to shortlist the long-tail keywords for your business, or you can reach out to us and our experts will find the most appropriate and results-oriented long-tail keywords for you! 

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