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Top Website Designs to Consider for Education Niche in 2021

A list of top 7 websites with dynamic website designs

Teaching is a noble profession and so is everything related to the education industry. Don’t you think so? 

It is the industry that shapes the future of the World while presenting a lot of opportunities for those who are willing to cater to the industry. You only need the right approach to become a part of the market and beat the competition. 

However, one of the major challenges for the businesses and institutions in the industry is to acquire a dominant digital identity for their brand. 

Your website is a crucial element required to create a dynamic identity on the internet, and you need to select the right website design that resonates with your brand and services. 

For example:

If you are offering online classes for children, you would want your website to be attractive and cheerful. However, if you wish to offer online courses for professionals, the website design must be a blend of dark colors with a modernistic approach. 

In simple words, the design of your website must be selected according to your product or services and the target audience. 

Now imagine that you wish to go on a vacation and look for hotels online. Would you prefer a hotel with a basic design with just a few pictures or would you rather go for a hotel with an extravagant website? 

The same applies to every consumer! After all:

“A better presentation leads to faster selling“ — Common sense

Here are the steps that you can follow to choose a perfect web design:

Decide Your Color Palette 

The first and the most important thing to do, before you even begin looking for web designs, is to pick a few colors that you want on your website. Selecting the colors your audience can easily associate with your brand is a good idea. 

This simple process makes it easier and faster to choose the best web design for your business

Choose the Type of Design You are Looking For 

You may want your web design to be very modern, quirky, highly formal, classic, stylish, or fun. Before you proceed with looking for designs, understand your target audience and then select how you wish to present your business to them. 

Narrow Down a Few Designs You Like

Lastly, select the designs that are: 

  • Responsiveness  
  • Easy to navigate
  • Blazing fast
  • A treat for the eyes 
  • Engaging

Chalk out all the other designs that lack any of these features.

If you wish to save the trouble of all the research, we have narrowed down a list of some of the spectacular designs that have all the above features and more. The best part, all these websites belong to the education industry. Here goes:

1. Liwa Education

Creative and welcoming

2.AOFM Makeup School

Stylish and dynamic as it is supposed to be! 


Vibrant yet clean

4.Life Learners

Trendy and effective

5.Galadari Motor Driving Center

Intuitive and highly functional 

6.Leads Stationery

Simple and easy to navigate 

7.Life Learners STEM

Attractive and engaging


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