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Top 9 Finance Website Designs in 2021

A list of web designs that are being used by the leading businesses

The finance industry is quite diverse and so are options of designs for finance websites. You may look all day for a week and you will be as clueless as on day one. 


There are a plethora of web designs available for the financial niche and if you search “the best website designs” on Google, you will get “About 1,45,00,00,000 results”!


We are sure that you don’t want to go through all those results. So, let us ask you a few questions:


Are you looking for website designs specific to the finance industry? 


Do you wish to check out diverse options encompassing multiple finance sectors to get a better idea for your own web design? 


Do you wish to get inspired by some of the website designs used by leading finance companies? 


If your answer to all the above questions is a loud and clear “Yes”, this blog is certainly for you! We will share a list of websites of the leading finance companies in Dubai. You can go through the list and take inspiration for your own design. 


However, before we hop on to our list, let us first try to understand how you can pick a design that suits your business:


Understand the Purpose of Your Website 

You may come across a website design that looks stunning and you wish to incorporate it in your website. However, the end result is not as pleasing as you thought. 


This happens due to two main reasons:

  1. You wish to use your website for different purposes than what the design is aimed for
  2. The design is structurally divided into segments that look good together in a specific order. Breaking the design to four your needs often takes away the charm


You must consider whether you want your website to be informational or do you have a specific purpose like selling a service or product, generating leads, etc. 


Then, choose a website design accordingly! 

Fix a Budget 

You must have a budget in your mind. You can get your website designed within a few bucks, whereas another design may cost you a fortune. 


To avoid any complications in the future, declare a budget and then stick to it. However, do not compromise quality because of money. 

Pick the Colors that Resonate with Your Brand

Select a color palette that aligns with your brand identity as well as the products and services you are offering. You may like a website design and its colors but if those colors do not represent the true nature of your brand, better look for other alternatives. 


With that settled, here is the list you have been waiting to see:

AIX Investment Group

Clean and modernistic

Citizenship Invest

Dynamism and functionality coupled with understated elegance

Emirates National Investment

Classic yet creative

Instant Cash

Quirky and attractive

Salama Insurance

Insightful and easy to navigate 

Air Finance

Responsive and creative

Property Zone

Trendy and modern

Haus And Haus

Bold yet Elegant


The design resembles their core principles: lean, agile, and strategic