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Why Your Contact Page Is More Important Than you Think

It would be a total wasted effort if your product got your customer interested and your contact page does not direct your customer to you in an easy and hassle-free manner. 

Your Contact Page is your point of intersection with your customer and if he/she has landed on your contact page you have won half the battle. The other 50% depends on how easily they find a way to you. 

Your contact page is your key to better your marketing strategy, your product, and consumer interaction as that’s where the customer leaves his thoughts or makes a call. 

A few tips from our experts might help you spruce up your contact page to leverage the desired market.

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Fully Functional & Responsive Contact Page

 1. Make your contact page functional by ensuring that everything on the page is wound-up well. Double-check every field on the form before you make it visible to your customer.

 2. Good looks never go out of style and this rule applies everywhere. A visually appealing contact page stands a very high chance of retaining your customer versus a page that looks dull and drab. Add an element of excitement on this page to encourage your customer to get in touch with you. Also, make sure all design elements are in harmony to create a classy and chic look.

3. Write to sell. Create content that is compelling enough to inspire your user to go further and call or fill the form. Win them over by addressing their feelings directly by asking them to write about themselves, or talk about their best product experiences. 

4. It is very crucial to make your contact page responsive as most websites are viewed on mobiles. 

Giving a Personal Touch

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1. A personalised contact page will carry more mileage than a plain one. Add pictures of your teams to create connect; making it very specialised. 

2. Make it easy for your user to contact you and choose options that they might find easy to use. Make your email clickable, include all your brand offices’ contact details to make it convenient for the user to reach you. 

Essential Elements on Contact Page

1. To make your contact page look complete and simple include the essential components like Contact Form, Email Address, phone numbers, Social Media links, interactive map, and specific details like office hours, etc., and confirmation message making the customer feel secure about being heard. 

2. Don’t forget the buttons bedlam. Avoid the Reset and Clear buttons completely as they can be frustrating if the user presses them by mistake and all their effort gets erased. Make the Submit button interesting by using different phrases like GO, SEND, READY, and so on. 

3. Put away those annoying CAPTCHAS forever. Though they were used to trace spammers, they seem obsolete with the growing techno brats in the industry. 

4. Lastly, make it easy to get to your contact page by having it on your Primary Navigation Bar in the main menu and not as a sub-menu.

5. Many a time the Footer features the contact info which makes it easy to get in touch. Use it. 

Contact our Element8 team to create the perfect contact page that builds the character of your brand proposition by adding a touch of individuality and brand identity in every element of design and space to make it infinitely memorable. Get in touch