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Aster DM Healthcare is a well-established name in the industry running a global network of comprehensive healthcare with multiple specialized brands under its wing. The main task was to build and implement an effective SEO strategy to improve the ranking of their website for a specific set of related and highly targeted keywords.

The Daunting Challenge:

Aster DM Healthcare is a parent company for multiple brands catering to the industry from the hospital and clinic facilities to equipment supplies and medical education. Their corporate website serves as the source of information about the brand, it’s global network, mission & vision, culture, and key stakeholders. The website also acts as a bridge between investors and volunteers who want to contribute to the healthcare sector.

The ultimate challenge was to increase organic traffic and domain authority, decrease bounce rate, while also improving the search engine rankings. As the niche of the website was narrowed down, we had to build an elaborate SEO strategy for a specific category of audience, in keeping with the latest Google algorithm updates.


  • Healthcare


  • 2020

The SEO Audit & Strategy

Aster Healthcare - Search Engine Optimisation By Element8 Dubai

Element 8 started with SEO analysis for Aster and collected all the necessary statistics after thorough research about the brand, market, its targeted audience, and the competition. The next step was to draft an impactful global SEO strategy and align the content in a way that pleases the audience as well as the search engine crawler.

Once our team devised the winning Search Engine Optimization strategy for Aster, we went ahead and started implementing it aggressively in the year 2020. Since then, we have achieved tremendous results for the company in terms of search engine rankings, organic traffic, click-through rates (CTR), inbound queries, reduced bounce rates, etc.

After all, it’s all about getting the Relevant and Targeted Traffic!


Winning Algorithms. Building Audience.
While the primary focus was Search Engine Optimization, we went far and beyond to exceed expectations and drive high ROI for Aster DM Healthcare. A close eye on the market, trends, and competitors further led the way to continuous SEO success and ever-improving results for the company.


Over the next several month’s Aster DM achieved some very strong results with search engine optimization. The website saw an overall

Increase in New Users


Increase in Total Impressions


Increase in Organic Search



Increase in Backlinks


Increase in Average CTR


Increase in Domain Authority

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