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Friends Of Cancer Patients is a leading cancer specific registered charity & NGO operating in the UAE, since 1999. Every year in the holy month of Ramadan, FOCP launches a zakat campaign called “I Deserve A Life” which supports the cost of treatment and care for cancer patients who cannot afford it themselves. This year due to the COVID-19 they had to mainly rely on Digital Platforms alone for this Campaign


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  • 2020



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FOCP - Friends of Cancer Patients - Social Media Marketing Element8

The Challenge

Our challenges was multifold. FOCP in the past had not effectively utilized it’s social media platform for Zakat Fund collection. Hence they did not have an actively engaged audience to whom we could reach out asking for donations. Also, this year there were no outdoor events or Zakat coupon sales for fund raising unlike the past years. Hence we had to use social media advertising alone to drive more awareness for FOCP and traffic among key audiences to increase the online Donations. In addition we needed to manage and optimise CPA and ROAS as they had a very limited budget allocated for Ad Spend.

FOCP - Friends of Cancer Patients - Social Media Instagram Marketing - Element8


After doing a primary research taking into account the unique situation associated with COVID19 that got people confined to their homes, our team decided to launch a Pre-Ramdan Campaign called “Stay Home Touch Lives” to increase awareness and improve engagement.
In this campaign the audience had to share some tips, pics or videos on how they are touching the lives of people while staying at home.
The main objective of this campaign was Audience definition: Understand and definining key audiences to drive greater awareness and higher quality traffic to the FOCP website.This campaign was a huge success and increased the followers of FOCP organically by 10% and set the momentum for the Ramadan campaign.

Now it was time for Donations or Conversions.

Our team realized that we needed to work on 4 key areas for the Donation Campaign

  • Landing page design and development only for Zakat Donation– with a focus on conversion optimisation.
  • Retargeting: Build and target segmented retargeting audiences based on past donors to FOCP & other cancer initiatives to improve conversion rate.
FOCP Social Media Platform for Zakat Fund Collection
FOCP - Friends of Cancer Patients - Mobile Application - Element8
  • Ad expansion: Make use of all available ad types and optimise towards the best performing.
  • Setting up a full tracking and measurement infrastructure to measure and optimise campaigns



Increase in Reach


Increase in Online Donations

24 X

Return On Ad Spend

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