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Roc-N-Ramen is the world’s first Japanese-Caribbean restaurant chain and they have recently entered the Dubai market with a cloud kitchen model. The main task was to introduce and build brand awareness for the ramen product in a highly competitive market amidst the lockdown and several restrictions. We opted to go ahead with digital channels to generate brand awareness and sales.


  • Food & Beverage


  • 2020


Platform & Scope of Work

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The Challenge

Our challenges were multifold. Roc-N-Ramen has a huge following in The USA. However, we had to start from scratch in Dubai. Moreover, due to the pandemic, we had to rely only on social media marketing to build brand awareness, increase sales, and maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).

Our primary focus was to create compelling social media profiles for the brand on multiple platforms with a fresh brand image, strategically planning the marketing campaigns, actively engaging audiences, and driving conversions.

rnrrnr - Mobile App Development - Element8 Dubai


After thorough research about the brand, its targeted audience, and the competition, we moved forward to a complete analysis of the market under the influence of the raging pandemic. Then, after collecting all the necessary statistics, our team drafted a creative campaign to let the foodies in Dubai know about the sizzling debut of Roc-N-Ramen while also evoking an urge to try out the delicious menu. Finally, we went ahead with aggressive Social Media Advertising and Google Ads-Retargeting to achieve our goals.

The main objective of this campaign was to build brand awareness as well as to get a deeper understanding of the targeted consumer behaviour. This campaign helped us to boost awareness for Roc-N-Ramen throughout Dubai while also setting up momentum for the campaign focused on generating online orders.

Now, it was time
for Online Orders and

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Our team realized that we had to focus on five key aspects to drive conversions.

  • Brand Identity: Building a fresh identity for the brand that the Dubai audience finds exciting, inviting, and best-in-class
  • Ad Expansion: Leveraging all the latest technology and the most effective ad options geared towards generating high ROI
  • Setting up a complete tracking and measurement infrastructure to measure and optimize campaigns
  • Landing page design and development with a focus on increasing brand awareness and conversion optimization
  • Retargeting: Targeting the existing consumers through segmented retargeting to maximize conversions


  • Increase in Reach 680%
  • Increase in Online Orders 310%
  • Return On Ad Spend 24X

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