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Whites is a next generation premium dry-cleaning and laundry service, offers the highest standards and the most delicate treatment for your garments.


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RUN TO WHITE - Digital Marketing - Element8

The Challenge

Since there is tough competition in the laundry segment the brand has to grab any available opportunity to grab the attention of the correct target audience.

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Offer special promotion to high value customers. Whites is positioned as a premium brand as the main customers of the brand are the European & other western expats, high income young couples and singles living in UAE. Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon is a big event in its 21st year and is very popular among this Target Group. We realized that this event was a good opportunity for Whites to get some mileage. Attracting a decent number of western expats, corporate runners and fitness enthusiasts, the event gets PR and Instagram attention as well. The offer was Free laundry service for the marathon runners who could present their runner’s badge or participant certificate.The main objective of the campaign was to get the customers to interact with the brand and send whatsapp enquiries to avail the free service. We created different audience groups basically targeting the runners & fitness enthusiasts in UAE along with retargeting the existing customers.Once users clicked on the ad they were taken to a Whatsapp chat. WhatsApp makes it easier for users to communicate with businesses, without the hassle of a phone call, through instant messaging and calling

Before earning the click
we had to earn the attention.

To do that, we used a catchy Phrase “RUN TO WHITES” along with the image of professional runners (basically thumb stopping content).

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RUN TO WHITE - Free Service for Marathoners - Digital Marketing - Element8







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