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One of the biggest challenges companies face is finding a way to connect to their online and offline customers. You need to impact customers and entice them to your company or perhaps even a new product or service. Motion graphics is the solution to this challenge.

Motion graphics are just about everywhere you look. You’ll see them in marketing campaigns, during a presentation or even on a website. Element 8 offers professional, dynamic motion graphic services that include logos, video creation and promotional banner services.

Bumpers, IDs and Stingers
If you’re looking to add more bang into your production buck, Element 8’s professional design team can create custom video clips for all of your motion graphic needs. We will make your videos your biggest assets and highest seller. From video blogs to iPhone media to our tailor-made video production services, you will instantly see results.

Make a Powerful Statement
When a customer views a new product, often they’re shown text and photos. While this can be successful, you need to make a powerful opening statement that attracts customers without taking the time to read or sort through picture files. You can do this with a custom designed video introduction or opening statement. Shout your company’s latest product information, showcase a new service or just entice customers to your brand. You can increase your production value and conversion rates significantly through our online videos, openers and title sequences.

Continuous Momentum
You need to keep the momentum up and going after you’ve attracted a customer. With Element 8’s motion loops, we can create seamless, loopable online videos that are versatile enough to suit any company, product or service. Use these videos to continue a sales pitch after a customer changes the page or even through email.

Search Engine Optimized Motion Graphics
We take our motion graphic services one step further – we optimize them for search engines! That means we integrate the right keywords, meta tags and descriptions so that customers not only find your website, they find your dynamic videos too. This guarantees customers will find you and that you can reel in more receptive viewers. If they stumble upon your video, you can encourage them to visit your site and browse your products just by watching your motion graphic.

Motion graphics boost business. Bottom line. When you use motion graphic you:


  • Increase the time a potential customer stays on your website.
  • Increase the likelihood a customer will share your page.
  • Increase the chances a customer will buy.
  • Increase the chances of a return visit.

Without motion graphics, your business could be losing out on a large pool of potential business opportunities. Seize those opportunities and create a custom motion graphic today by contacting Element 8. Our dynamic videos promise measurable results.